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  1. Jay P, I feel the same way as you in regard to sucky evernote integrations with all the solutions out there. I'm interested in beta testing your mindmapping tool for evernote. Please send it my way and I'd be glad to offer some feedback.

  2. I totally agree. This is what I think I've solved. Sorry for all the teasers. I promise there's more info coming shortly!
  3. Howdy everyone! I love reading this thread because it hits all the pain-points I've had acquainting myself with the Evernote rich-text-only paradigm. I've been using mindmapping tools for almost a decade (FreeMind anyone?) and found myself still using it most when I had serious contemplation to do or needed to take a lot of notes really quickly in way that was legible immediately afterwards. Because I'm now such a hardcore Evernote user, using a different mindmapping tool for any note taking felt like I was complicating my life more than I should. Frankly, all of the mindmapping tools that cla
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