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  1. Another +1 here. I regularly feel the pain of not having this feature, having grown accustomed and somewhat dependent on it from EN4. By the way, there were some annoying bugs with the back and forward buttons in EN4 such as back not working when certain fields were focused (or not focused). When you add it back, please make sure the keyboard shortcuts work no matter what is focused. Thanks!
  2. Or maybe try blowing away Evernote and syncing a fresh reinstall? If you have any notes that haven't been synced yet you can export them to an ENML file.
  3. That seems unrelated to the problem I'm having. Have you upgraded to the latest Evernote? If so, it seems like an internal issue with the way the client interacts with the server. I think you might be stuck until Evernote fixes the bug.
  4. Is that the official, encouraged way to submit feedback then? i.e. does that way have a higher chance of making its way into the internal ticketing system since it's reviewed more than the forums?
  5. I strongly second this. I actually need this so bad that I do it the ridiculously hard way -- open up the Mac font palette, click on background color button which opens up the color selection palette, then keep both of them open while I read or edit a note. There's a bug in the editor that forces me to keep the font palette open because the color palette sometimes resets to affecting the foreground color. I have to undo each time this happens, click background color again, and then choose a tiny "favorited" square at the bottom of my standard highlight color. I have been using the highlight feature in Clearly and totally love it. The problem with Clearly is that I can't see my highlights again if I close the tab and come back to the page later. If I want to read, say, the first half of a long article, I could highlight as I read, save it to my Evernote account, then continue reading and highlighting there.
  6. I have this problem all the time. I have a very pragmatic solution too: add a lot of newline characters at the bottom of the note by holding the return key. The new whitespace at the bottom allows me to scroll my text to the center. Almost all of my important notes have lots of newline whitespace in the footer.
  7. Evernote clearly started or accelerated a rewrite when they acquired Skitch. The new app is probably based on much of the same code that was developed for the iOS app. I've found the iOS app to be confusingly unhelpful. I feel the same way about Skitch 2.0. Evernote's Skitch project managers need to do more user interviews with its users to understand why people really love the product they're now responsible for maintaining. If they want to abandon the loyal Skitch community, they should open-source the Skitch 1.0 codebase so that the community has an alternative to their brave new vision for an image editing tool. If the open-source Skitch 1.0 codebase succeeds, Evernote wins some really good brand recognition and goodwill for being a supporter of open-source, etc. If no one uses it, then it's no loss to Evernote. If Evernote loses its ability to deliver value effectively now that they're becoming large and successful, then they'll only accelerate alternatives anyway which will be a total loss of brand recognition. At least an open-source version might keep some competitors out.
  8. I had a very similar issue. Go to "Help -> Activity Log" and look at the log output. There might be something in there about a parse error on a specific note. For me, I had a parse error on a note I created with the iOS app that had only a camera photo in it. I logged into the web interface, deleted the note, deleted it in the Mac app (both by moving it to the trash, then deleting it in the trash) and that fixed it for me.
  9. Howdy everyone, What is the official place for (paying) users to submit feature requests and bugs? I am both a software developer and hardcore Evernote user, so I tend to find quite a lot of bugs and have many ideas for improvements. Thanks, Jay
  10. Jay P, I feel the same way as you in regard to sucky evernote integrations with all the solutions out there. I'm interested in beta testing your mindmapping tool for evernote. Please send it my way and I'd be glad to offer some feedback.

  11. I totally agree. This is what I think I've solved. Sorry for all the teasers. I promise there's more info coming shortly!
  12. Howdy everyone! I love reading this thread because it hits all the pain-points I've had acquainting myself with the Evernote rich-text-only paradigm. I've been using mindmapping tools for almost a decade (FreeMind anyone?) and found myself still using it most when I had serious contemplation to do or needed to take a lot of notes really quickly in way that was legible immediately afterwards. Because I'm now such a hardcore Evernote user, using a different mindmapping tool for any note taking felt like I was complicating my life more than I should. Frankly, all of the mindmapping tools that claim to have Evernote integration suck and integrate with Evernote in such an awkward way it's no better than just using FreeMind+Dropbox and occasionally attaching PDF or PNG representations of my mindmaps and hoping OCR would help me later. I came to the juncture of asking myself whether it was worth just foregoing mindmapping altogether to keep my note-taking life simple. As a developer, I was intrigued by the problem and set out to fix it. And I think I have fixed this mindmapping+Evernote problem now. I'll be releasing my app for the world to use in the coming weeks but I'm looking for beta testers right now. I'd like Evernote users ranging from very-little-to-no mindmapping experience and people like gazumped in this thread who seem to be dedicated mindmapping connoisseurs. If you'd like to participate in the beta of my Evernote mindmapping tool, please contact me via email: jicksta at gmail dot com. When I launch the tool publicly, I'll also announce it in this thread. Thanks! Jay Phillips
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