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  1. I'll go ahead and disagree with most of my friends posting here and say I like the new clean look. One should only have to see what is necessary and simple is good. However, I do agree that it needs to be tweaked and made more customizable and allow faster access to everything a power user needs. And it doesn't make any sense at all to start up with a new empty note. Only a small percentage of the time do I as a user want to open Evernote primarily to enter data. My guess (my hope) is that this will be changed by the time it gets out of beta.
  2. I've been an avid Evernote user for four years and a Premium customer for two years. Like other users, I have file links in many of my notes. This solution breaks all of those links, limits Evernote's usefulness as the one-stop-shop for information and actionable activity, and causes frustration on the part users like myself. Removing this ability seems like a reactionary and heavy-handed approach to what seems to be a very unlikely scenario for causing damage to a user's computer. If it's truly important enough to have some added security around this feature for external links, a more sensible approach would be to simply popup a box when an external link is clicked saying "Opening Abc123.docx" with "Open" and "Cancel" buttons. This solution adds another layer of protection by alerting the user to what file is being opened. It also doesn't completely break all of our file links in notes as this recent change has done.
  3. Jay P, I feel the same way as you in regard to sucky evernote integrations with all the solutions out there. I'm interested in beta testing your mindmapping tool for evernote. Please send it my way and I'd be glad to offer some feedback.

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