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  1. I tried the new version tonight. I knew nothing of this 'no more local notebook storage' prior to doing so. As the installation completed I became scared to death, I thought all old notes were lost. I've spent the past few hours panic stricken because of this nonsense. Thank goodness I'd set a system restore point prior to installing this nightmare. I have over ten years of notes in Evernote. I do not place them on other people's servers, never, not once. I don't store a single note in Evernote's cloud service, not one, not ever. Now I need to research other Note programs, specifically that don't force your information into the cloud. Man, talk about a bad move Evernote!!! At least warn people prior to installing this nonsense.
  2. I find myself getting a pop-up when I open Evernote on a Win 8.1 desktop that asks me to verify my email address. This is happening several times a week, and I have to chime in with some others here to say it is a bit annoying. This is a home computer, I'm the only person using it, and even if the case were otherwise, it would still only require someone to click in the verification box effectively saying, 'yes, that's my email address'. Therefore, what in the world is the point? Under those circumstances its just a nuisance. A box that anyone can click and then yield a particular result hardly seems to represent security. What it is accomplishing is making software the start time of which has dramatically slowed down over the past year or two, even slower since it requires additional communication with Evernote prior to my being able to use the software.
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