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  1. When you create a quick note via menu bar, the title doubles in the body of the note (see attached image). This seems redundant, and I end up deleting the repeated line in the note. Is there an option to prevent this behaviour? Thanks.
  2. Not satisfied with the general offerings a la GTD and other systems, I've spent the past couple of years cobbling together a new productivity system. The current iteration plays nicely with Evernote, but there's a few open loops that I'd like to get feedback on. Also, I'd be open to any suggestions to improve the overall system. So... if you interested in: journaling Covey's 7 productivity in general Evernote (obviously) Send me a PM
  3. I would like to create the following search: All notes created since this week but NOT any notes from a certain notebook. I can't figure out how to do that. Help?
  4. My current struggle revolves around the different types of content involving Rommel. There will be quotes, citations, general ideas, etc. Perhaps I should forgo tags, and create one note per major theme/idea. And then throw the notes into one notebook.
  5. Looking for suggestions on how to best capture ideas, quotes, and major themes while reading/researching non-fiction. While reading non-fiction, I take notes via highlighter. My plan is to go through the book, capturing ideas into Evernote. As a public-speaker, I'm looking to organize the material so that's it is easy to find when putting together a talk. Would you create a seperate notebook for each book? What tags would you use? For example: If you were reading a book on World War 2, you might find an excellent quote on Rommel. You could create a new note and title it "Rommel". Or you could use a tag. I'm not sure what's the best way to do this. Thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice.
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