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  1. Hi sir! They should know about: tags and some ideas about how to use them in an intelligent way. - search features. -share notes -you can upload files, photos,PDF, books to evernote and you can search inside of them. -basic editor. -back up and sync. -GTD process basics -collecting information: clipboards -evernote in multiple devices. hope you have a great success with your e guide!
  2. Hi Fran! I´ve download the app. Definitely I think you should make some videos. As an Spanish speaker, its not easy to understand in depth the app without videos. On the other hand, the free version don t let the user import neither one template to evernote, so its hard to try the app! I think is going to be useful for me but the free version not invite me to buy it! Just a short video on you tube! Hope You find my comments useful! Bye bye!
  3. Hi! First of all, I think that not exist one way to do it. My organization in Evernote is a constant work in progress. Before telling you how I do it, I think you should write down an structure of notebooks and tags, and try link them as you can, and then find out which is the best way for you. Notebooks and tags are Free. I have a typical GTD structure, but I make some little changes that don't go against with the GTD method. For example, In my GTD, I have actions, projects and PROJECTS. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I understand the difference between " wash my teeth" ( one action ) , and
  4. Hi! This is my first comment! I started using Evernote cause I practice GTD. If you want to use Evernote , I Recommend you to leave the classics Task reminders, and start using GTD. Evernote is much more than a task reminder, if you use tags and the correct notebooks. With Evernote you can make a productivity system. If you want links or info I can send it to you. Changing from a task reminder is worthy is you use GTD with Evernote. Sorry for my English!
  5. I really want it too! We are not asking miracles, Just hierarchy
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