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  1. Hi sir! They should know about: tags and some ideas about how to use them in an intelligent way. - search features. -share notes -you can upload files, photos,PDF, books to evernote and you can search inside of them. -basic editor. -back up and sync. -GTD process basics -collecting information: clipboards -evernote in multiple devices. hope you have a great success with your e guide!
  2. Hi Fran! I´ve download the app. Definitely I think you should make some videos. As an Spanish speaker, its not easy to understand in depth the app without videos. On the other hand, the free version don t let the user import neither one template to evernote, so its hard to try the app! I think is going to be useful for me but the free version not invite me to buy it! Just a short video on you tube! Hope You find my comments useful! Bye bye!
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