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  1. You lost me... I erased some text from the notes and the footer where a tag was (With a company name) I can make a new screenshot for you tomorrow, and send it to you privately? Is that what you want to know?
  2. Love the selective Sync! My database (10K notes, 9gb) shrinked to 326 mb (after deleting it and rebuilding) It seems remember view settings doesn't work anymore on saved searched (that I added as shortcut.) Furthermore, the note list is sometimes messed up.. see the attached screenshot.
  3. It does work, the only disadvantage is that labels are not removed. When I drag a note onto another label, from ready to next action for example, the ready label is not removed. When I use notebooks this is problem is not there, because notes can only be in one notebook. Do you perhaps have a solution/idea for this?
  4. That could be an option. I currently use notebooks for implementation a GTD session. Being able to drag and drop notes is very efficient. Not sure if that is possible with tags. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Yep I know But maybe the developers of Evernote can surprise us.. on the other hand.. is the search executed every time or is there a caching mechanism? When I open the search on my Windows desktop the notes are there.. they are stored off line. So on the Windows desktop it could be possible. Web, Mobile will be different indeed
  6. OK. Can you please tell me step by step how I style a search shortcut and how I make Evernote show the number of items in a search after the search name? It works for notebooks but I can't find out how to this for a saved search.
  7. Would be great if you could show the number of items in a saved search, between ( ). As you also do with notebooks.
  8. Would be great if you could apply styling on a saved search. Like you can also apply styling on a notebook.
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