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  1. I switched to Dynalist.io a while back. It's not the same thing as Evernote and on Android lacks a lot of the features (but has none of the bugs either). The web app is smooth though and for doing GTD it's perfect! I stayed subscribed here hoping I would see a positive change in Evernote, so I could switch back. That' just not going to happen.
  2. I switched to Dynalist.io. For GTD it is working much better than Evernote does. I use documents for contexts, hash-tags for projects, colour labels for priorities, at-tags for people, and global searches visualizing all the actions related to project regardless of context. I'm currently using the free tier of Dynalist.io but I'm very tempted by their early-bird pricing. The consol pricing is very expensive, and there's no free tier to really test-drive before buying (30-days free isn't enough, I need at least a couple months cycle). And the Dynalist.io development team is way m
  3. Bummer. I was hoping all the time saved by using a hosted platform would give you time to work on your APIs.
  4. Does this also mean there will be a new API that's more accessible both to time-constrained/hobbyist developers and to more programming languages and platforms (since it won't rely on the Thrift compilation process)? Thanks,
  5. I just tried the Windows client, typically I use the web version because there's no Linux client. The thing is, I've prefixed all my tags with symbols (+, =, ?, ...) and I've chosen them specifically because their sort order. So on a note the + tags are always first, etc. That works perfectly in the web version. But the sort order of all the tags on a particular note is different on the Windows version! For example, create a Note and add the four tags: +agenda 5-Someday ?Eric =Blog. On the web version they will stay in that order. On the Windows version however they will be ?Eric +a
  6. I just tried the new Windows version, and the tags are not sorted there! I'm not sure how they are ordered, I guess in the order they are added. In the Windows version I can sort the Tag column though, which is something I can't do on the web version.
  7. So here's what I'm doing now that I'm up and running for a few weeks. Things are going pretty well. To make sure my the tags on my notes/to-dos sort consistently I adopted the following punctuation prefixes because the sort order is the ASCII table: + for Contexts, like +home and +work and +agenda 0-9 for Priorities, like 0-Daily, 1-Now, ..., 9-Done = for Projects, like =Blog, =Maintenance, ... ? for Who, like ?John Oliver, ?Stephen Colbert, ... So I know the first tag will always be the Context, the second the Priority, etc. It makes quickly scanning a list much
  8. Thanks @kgg I replied to the email. I guess the only thing I would add to this thread, for the benefit of the community, is the difference in confirmation messages when deleting a Notebook between the classic Evernote Web and the beta Evernote Web. The Classic version has an explicit and dire warning of what's going to happen!!! Evernote Web Classic Evernote Web Beta
  9. Thanks. Some Googling confirms that's pretty much the solution. I was hoping Evernote would have their own solution, so as to avoid creating yet another account with yet more permissions to access my other accounts. I'm considering a Plus subscription (for offline access and emailing in) but I can't really justify the Premium subscription - the only interesting feature for me is the version history.
  10. Any way to set-up automatic backups in Evernote web, to Google Drive or Dropbox or something like that? I only use Evernote Web, I don't have the thick client installed anywhere. The other thing I use is the Android app, but I didn't find anything there either. Thanks,
  11. Good evening, I've noticed recently some of my notes have gone missing from Evernote. Two of them contained images (one a photo take with phone, the other a screenshot taken with Chrome clipper extension), the third one was just text. There may be others but I just don't remember them. I've been flipping back-and-forth between the classic web and beta web version lately, trying to get GTD implemented on my notes. I'm not sure if that's related. For whatever reason it's extremely frustrating, especially for the third note since it contained a to-do list that I now have to try an
  12. That looks pretty good. I remember now back in my Palm Pilot days when I GTD'd Outlook. I did something like that too with punctuation at the beginning of the category. I may just draw some plagiarisminspiration from your implementation! Thanks. Part of my issue is I'm using Evernote Web (I'm on Linux at home) so it's not 100% as functional as the Windows or Mac apps. I'm going to check-out Cronofy, that looks cool. I'm pretty happy with Evernote Reminders and the daily emails.
  13. What's your implementation? I'm trying to follow The Secret Weapon (TSW) but I'm not 100% sold on it.
  14. The other thing I would really need from the old version in order to continue using Evernote for GTD is the ability to select multiple tags and only show those notes with both of those tags.
  15. Good afternoon, The list view is essential when using Evernote to implement GTD. In the Action notebooks each note is essentially a to-do item (with supporting information in the body). So having a list view is very efficient to see everything that needs to be done in the current context. Also seeing the associated tags is more useful than seeing the date the note was created or updated. Read up on the The Secret Weapon, or head over to David Allen's web site and see how they implement GTD on Evernote. There are other tools for implementing GTD - I've recently tried Nozbe
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