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  1. A year and a half has passed since @soundsgoodtome opened this discussion. The sole Evernote participant (@Idekay) appears to have left the company more than a year ago. So our only hope of getting this annoying BUG fixed is a flood of formal support tickets using the Get Support link on the Evernote Contact us page: https://evernote.com/contact/ See my earlier post for a sample bug report you can copy and paste into your new support ticket.
  2. After posting my note about a formal support ticket, I realized I could use a Hazel folder action to automatically change Skitch's underscores to spaces: Create a single-step Automator workflow named "Rename File - replace Underscores with Spaces.workflow" – see the attached zip file. Create a "bug shots" folder for saving Skitch screenshots. Apply a single-step Hazel action to the "bug shots" folder – see the attached screenshot (renamed by Hazel). This technique is not a complete solution to Skitch's renaming behavior because characters other than spaces get converted
  3. The lack of a change in Skitch's behavior for more than a year prompted me to open a formal support ticket using the Get Support link on the Evernote Contact us page: https://evernote.com/contact/?var=2 Perhaps we can get the attention of the Skitch developers with a stream of formal bug reports. Here's what I wrote: Subject: Why must you add ugly underscores (_) to our Skitch image titles? On October 21, 2014, Guru-class user soundsgoodtome opened a discussion of this topic with an eloquent description of Skitch's wrongheaded replacement of spaces with underscores:
  4. I just discovered an inconsistency in Skitch's passion for replacing spaces with underscores: When I saved a screenshot using a duplicate name, I choose to keep both the original and new images. Skitch handled this by adding a numeric suffix to the new image's file name: a space + "2". So my new file's name has all of my spaces replaced with underscores, but Skitch's space is honored: Growl_Notification_Rollup_-_IP_Address 2.png
  5. After a very brief trial with Skitch 2, I reverted to Skitch 1 for its cleaner user interface and superior user experience. I'm back on Skitch 2.7.6 for one reason: Retina support on my new iMac. I was doing OK adjusting to Skitch 2 until I encountered spaces_becoming_underscores_in_file_names when I drag a screenshot into Finder. I applaud soundsgoodtome's eloquent essay on why this hardwired_underscore_behavior is wrong, Wrong, WRONG. It may be enough to drive me back to Skitch 1.0.12. Idekay wrote "We just really don't have enough users asking for that feature." I'm posting this ra
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