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  1. +1 for adding true boolean search capabilities. While Evernote's search grammar is already an essential feature that sets it apart from competitors, the inability to mix AND / OR is a bit frustrating and impedes the efficiency of using the app/service for organising and accessing large Note libraries (I have 10,000+ notes...!). What I'd like is the ability to run/save searches like: tag:2016FY (tag:expense OR tag:income) -tag:entered Sure there are ways around that using temporary tags and/or notebooks, but this just adds an unnecessary (and clumsy) intermediate step that computers were built to do away with. Like several of the other posters, I disagree with some of the arguments against adding this (user complexity, technical limitations etc.), although concede that the technical demands at scale are probably not insignificant. Complex boolean database searches can quickly have n+1 performance costs at scale. As with many of these advanced feature requests though, perhaps the answer is to make them a feature only for premium customers? Purely from a marketing point of view, delighting the small but vocal segment of power users is essential in maintaining an evangelical base for the product - especially given the significant bleed of 'casual' users to Apple's Notes app and MS OneNote, neither of which is as feature complete as EN.
  2. This has now been implemented in iOS. The Evernote iOS share sheet now has a field for selecting tags - and is in fact FASTER for selecting tags than the method implemented in the main iOS app. (NB: This is in fact the 'Share sheet' which in this iOS Safari example is activated by clicking the share icon (box with arrow) then the Evernote icon. The iOS Evernote widget in the notification screen does not itself allow adding or editing notes - these actions are just bumped to the main iOS app.)
  3. I wonder if the OP means 'editing in place' rather than 'editing by Evernote' – similar to the edit PDF problem: I suspect the challenges are more to do with iOS restrictions - though it's worth noting that Dropbox on iOS has partnered with Microsoft and DOES allow editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint in-place, rather than relying on 'Open in...' and then copying the edited document as a duplicate back to Dropbox/Evernote. I assume they do this by linking Word and Dropbox via the net rather than through iOS. Given that there is some crossover in how some people use Dropbox and Evernote (and both apps can serve as a quasi-file system for iOS), and as iOS (& Android) are slowly displacing traditional operating systems for many, the ability to edit files in place would be a great feature - even (especially?) if only editing by third party apps.
  4. Thanks DTLow! Wow, what a find. My main use for the classic/universal link is to link back to a note from Omnifocus (or your task manager of choice). I'm reasonably happy with my Workflow solution, though it's a bit of a fragile way of doing it - the regex will break whenever the link format changes.
  5. No prob! To be honest, this is something I miss from Evernote on the Mac. Editing a note's PDF in place with Preview or similar was a joy to use. Really made Evernote feel like a virtual filing system. Pity not easily achievable with iOS.
  6. +1 Primolak. I too have moved to using iOS almost exclusively for my computing, and find it very slow to do any bulk organising in Evernote because of the inability to 1. Select multiple notes, 2. Modify them all together. On the Mac this was straightforward and allowed moving to a new notebook, deleting or (what I really miss!) adding a new tag to all the selected notes. This is probably the number one feature I'd like to see added to iOS Evernote, and would go a long way to sustaining Evernote's position as a powerful productivity app.
  7. Hmm. That's interesting. This is certainly how it works on the Mac or Windows, but as far as I can see not iOS. I have multiple different PDF tools on iOS, and just installed Adobe to try this - like all the others the PDF share sheet only gives you the option of opening (as a copy) in these third party apps. Any changes made are not reflected in the original PDF in Evernote. Are you sure you're talking about doing this on iOS?
  8. Unfortunately the share sheet 'Private link' is only a partial solution. Although such a 'private link' works within the Evernote iOS app if it appears in an Evernote app, it DOES NOT work elsewhere in iOS. If this link is used within another application, the note is opened in Safari in evernote.com. This makes it annoying to reference evernote notes from other apps, like task managers. This is because the link is of the form: https://www.evernote.com/shard/yy/nl/xxxxx/zzzzzzzz In order for the note to open inside the iOS Evernote app it must use a universal link form: evernote:///view/xxxxx/yy/zzzzz/zzzzz/ It would be _great_ if Evernote on iOS gave the option to copy the local universal link. To get around this I use the Workflow app with an action extension to convert the private link to a universal link format using the 'Replace Text' action: Find text: https://www.evernote.com\/shard\/(.+)\/nl\/([0-9]+)\/([a-f0-9-]*)\/? Replace with: evernote:///view/$2/$1/$3/$3/ Then copy this to the clipboard. It works, but it would be much nicer to have this integrated into the Evernote app.
  9. +1 westgard. The ability to do basic PDF editing (add remove pages, reorder, etc.) in Evernote is something I would really like to be able to do on iOS. Re: csihilling's 'reinventing the wheel' point, there's not actually any straight forward way to do this with 3rd party tools. Although they are many available, because of iOS and Evernote constraints you cannot edit a PDF attachment in-place. So even if you edit a PDF in another application, this is only a copy of the original PDF, requiring messy steps to actually copy it back into your original note (where it now co-exists alongside the original PDF, until you delete this from the note). Simple 'in Evernote' PDF editing avoids this whole mess.
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