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  1. Hi DTLOw! Thank you. >>To what purpose; Save disk space? Share data?<< Exactly. Why would I want two copies of the same database on one machine? >>Symbolic links won't save much disk space, and will mess with the sync to the server<< - Why wouldn't LNs save space? - It could indeed by messy.
  2. How can I access one physical EN database on a MacBook under two users? Can I place symbolic links into the respective directories within the library directory of the second user? Thanks. Heinrich
  3. Hi, When trying to print a notebook containing 365 notes (my 2015 journal), total size about 150 MB I get an error message (see below) saying "error when printing". Within EN I select all entries and hit "Print". Within the OSX printer menu I pick "save to PDF". Then the error message pops up. Installing EN (like EN support suggested) does not help. Later EN support said EN on OSX can't print/save 365 notes to one PDF file. It works on Windows 7. Anybody an idea? Perhaps a developer from EN reads this and can help. Thanks. Heinrich
  4. Hi, When trying to print 350 notes (from one notebooBildschirmfoto 2015-12-16 um 11.44.20.png.pdfk) to a pdf-File (select "save to pdf" in the print menu) I get a general error message. Installing EN, as advised by EN support, again did not help. I am using a 13" MBP Retina under OSX 10.10. Thanks in advance and regards. Heinrich
  5. Hi, >>> You assume that it's premium users in Europe, but I am a premium user in the U.S., so I doubt that it's anything to do with location, though I wonder whether you folks in non-English speaking countries get translated emails in your preferred language... Jeff, Do I sound like I need my English e-mail translated to me or that I run my messages through Google Translate before posting them here? I do apologise for this unfriendly post to the other users on this forum but the utterly condescending replies of some of those 'EN Evanglists' are annoying. Regards. H.
  6. Hi Bankrobber, You mean those e-mails are being sent by hand. That's definitely a lot of typing. I'll better wait then, don't I. H.
  7. Why not let users who are security conscious and are willing to pay for it use 2FA. A password generator costs less than 1 USD. Shipping - also to places outside the US - will not cost a fortune, either. For covering admin overhead EN can raise the annual fee for Premuim users. NO PROBLEM. Regards. H.
  8. Premium users in Europe have obviously not been included in the e-mail notification programme. Regards. H.
  9. >>>I think you should submit a support ticket and let EN support staff help you out. Hi Wern, I am having the same problem and I have opened THREE tickets with the German EN Support and they keep insisting on recommending to un-install EN with Revo and to re-install EN which does not work. Registry keys are obviously not up their street and my request to check with the EN developers has been ignored so far.
  10. Hi, After a bumpy Win7 upgrade and an unsuccessful attempt to install the latest EN version I have deleted ALL Evernote files and as far as I can tell all EN registry entries. However, right after invoking the installation programme the installer produces this message (see below). It says that EN got installed by another user and that only one installation is allowed per user. I have repeatedly asked the German support staff to ask the EN developers which condition triggers this error message AFTER having done all of the above. However, the gentlemen in question unflinchingly keep recommending to un-install Evernote. Before resorting to idiomatic language (in German) I wonder whether someone out there has any idea what (a file, a registry entry) could trigger this error message. Thanks and regards. H.
  11. Hi, regedit cannot find the key for the update code. Now it looks like the installation routine is missing something. Thanks again. H. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Evernote Installation has started [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Running as user: hgeis [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Initializing installed product finder. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Checking if product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is installed. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is not installed. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Checking registry for product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4}. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Product GUID {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} was not found in the registry [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Initializing installed product finder. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Located product {D1F7C704-99F2-11E1-9C74-984BE15F174E} with upgrade code {AE2C091E-CF5F-4e30-8659-D640E23A8B99}. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Error getting product version: 1605 [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Error getting product install location: 1605 [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Initializing installed product finder. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Checking if product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is installed. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is not installed. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Checking registry for product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29}. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Product GUID {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} was not found in the registry [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Checking for already installed products [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Detected version installation [06/24/2012 18:48:53] Installed version () did not support admin check. Attempting to use MsiEnumProductsEx. [06/24/2012 18:48:53] PerUser install by another user: abort.
  12. Hi. Thanks again. I will try tomorrow morning. Pls don't use too much time with my problem. Best regards from Gelnhausen. Heinrich
  13. Sorry for being so short. I am using Evernote for keeping my daily diary and WinXDVD for copying my DVDs. Both application are Windows only. Otherwise I'm using openSUSE Linux. If it wasn't for those two applications I wouldn't go near Windows. So backing up the registry means googling for "How to back-up the Windows 7 registry", reading the instructions and so on. A pain .....
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