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  1. I can't open Excel and Number spreadsheets and PDFs in Evernote notes. This applies to Evernote Legacy and the current Evernote version on a MacBook. Can't find anything under "Help". Evernote does seem to be of priority for Bending Spoons. Ciao. H.
  2. I have been using the paid version of Evernote since 2010 (Windows and MacOS) and I have over 5000 items in the database. I took me a while to configure EN the way I needed it to be. Now, I do fail to understand the motivation behind ***** something up so badly as it was done with the new EN version. Cui bono? Basic functions have disappeared. Six ugly fonts, when hitting <Crtl-A> in a notebook only 50 entries get selected. "Preferences" does not work any more. No manual sync button, no sync upon signing off. Just look at nonsense error message below. What goes on the head of a CEO crippling the product of his company in such a manner?
  3. Hi DTLOw! Thank you. >>To what purpose; Save disk space? Share data?<< Exactly. Why would I want two copies of the same database on one machine? >>Symbolic links won't save much disk space, and will mess with the sync to the server<< - Why wouldn't LNs save space? - It could indeed by messy.
  4. How can I access one physical EN database on a MacBook under two users? Can I place symbolic links into the respective directories within the library directory of the second user? Thanks. Heinrich
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