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  1. Hi DTLOw! Thank you. >>To what purpose; Save disk space? Share data?<< Exactly. Why would I want two copies of the same database on one machine? >>Symbolic links won't save much disk space, and will mess with the sync to the server<< - Why wouldn't LNs save space? - It could indeed by messy.
  2. How can I access one physical EN database on a MacBook under two users? Can I place symbolic links into the respective directories within the library directory of the second user? Thanks. Heinrich
  3. Hi, When trying to print a notebook containing 365 notes (my 2015 journal), total size about 150 MB I get an error message (see below) saying "error when printing". Within EN I select all entries and hit "Print". Within the OSX printer menu I pick "save to PDF". Then the error message pops up. Installing EN (like EN support suggested) does not help. Later EN support said EN on OSX can't print/save 365 notes to one PDF file. It works on Windows 7. Anybody an idea? Perhaps a developer from EN reads this and can help. Thanks. Heinrich
  4. Hi, When trying to print 350 notes (from one notebooBildschirmfoto 2015-12-16 um 11.44.20.png.pdfk) to a pdf-File (select "save to pdf" in the print menu) I get a general error message. Installing EN, as advised by EN support, again did not help. I am using a 13" MBP Retina under OSX 10.10. Thanks in advance and regards. Heinrich
  5. Hi, I have encrypted the content of the notebook in question via the EN Windows client and synchronised with the EN client on my Android phone. Works great. Thanks again. However, please check what Penzu (online diary) provide for their customers: http://penzu.com/content/products/security Regards. Heinrich
  6. Hi and Thanks, Yes, encrypting the contents of those particular notebooks is an approach that has occurred to me, too. I will do that. However, isn't improving the control over the syncing/downloading of notebooks an obvious improvement of EN that your developers should consider? One could simply add a tick box to each notebook which controls the syncing/downloading to a mobile device or to a desktop client. Thanks and best regards. H.
  7. Hi, And thank you both. It's indeed security issues behind my questions. I have one or two notebooks which I don't want to 'carry around' on my mobile (Samsung Galaxy N7000) but I rather have them stay in the Evernote cloud at all times. So I would like to exclude only these from being downloaded to my mobile. Obviously this is not an EN feature (yet).
  8. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your reply. >>>Only notes that are opened are actually fully downloaded. How does one open, or rather close a notebook? Cheers. H.
  9. Hi, Is it somehow possible to exclude one or a small set of notebooks from syncing with my mobile? - Can one mark/tag a notebook so it' not included in the syncing (=download to phone) ? - Can I move a notebook into some kind of archive/'backburner' to keep it from being synced? Cheers and best regards. H.
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