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  1. Your password might have been used across multiple services. One of those services might have had a data breach, in which case your password may have been attempted across multiple services including EN. I'd suggest resetting your password, enabling 2FA, or if you're not using the service/no longer need it to close the account.
  2. Angelo

    Back to Plus

    I've done this back in July. I started out as premium for the year but let it lapse, and then I signed back up to plus (because my account was grandfathered in from 2012) I was only able to get the plus option presented to me by trying to license a 3rd device through the desktop client. Plus option isn't presented on the web version, but maybe customer support would be able to also grant you this if your account is eligible.
  3. Very odd - do any of the other options under the view menu work (e.g. Note List)? To further clarify, the left panel won't collapse for you, but it does respond when clicking items within it such as notebooks and tags?
  4. Do you use the same password/username on other services? That info might have been gained through a known breach. Some things you should do; 1. Reset your password --> Something unique and long. Think of a passphrase for example " !reallyENJOYtyping2000 " 2. Enable multi-factor authentication 3. Check if any of your accounts associated to your email address have been part of a breach https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Best of luck
  5. I am running the same version as you on Win 10 and I am not having any issues. Maybe re-install the program? Are you aware of any changes that were made (system updates, etc) since it stopped working?
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