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  1. Your password might have been used across multiple services. One of those services might have had a data breach, in which case your password may have been attempted across multiple services including EN. I'd suggest resetting your password, enabling 2FA, or if you're not using the service/no longer need it to close the account.
  2. Angelo

    Back to Plus

    I've done this back in July. I started out as premium for the year but let it lapse, and then I signed back up to plus (because my account was grandfathered in from 2012) I was only able to get the plus option presented to me by trying to license a 3rd device through the desktop client. Plus option isn't presented on the web version, but maybe customer support would be able to also grant you this if your account is eligible.
  3. Very odd - do any of the other options under the view menu work (e.g. Note List)? To further clarify, the left panel won't collapse for you, but it does respond when clicking items within it such as notebooks and tags?
  4. Do you use the same password/username on other services? That info might have been gained through a known breach. Some things you should do; 1. Reset your password --> Something unique and long. Think of a passphrase for example " !reallyENJOYtyping2000 " 2. Enable multi-factor authentication 3. Check if any of your accounts associated to your email address have been part of a breach https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Best of luck
  5. I am running the same version as you on Win 10 and I am not having any issues. Maybe re-install the program? Are you aware of any changes that were made (system updates, etc) since it stopped working?
  6. Here is a quick guide line you could use to build your evernote structure if your having troubles with tags and notebooks and such. Hopefully this will help you start your massive note collection and keeping it well maintained and organized. 1) Organize all notes in to 1 single notebook. This can be the default notebook or a created notebook called 'Pending' but there should only be this notebook plus the default notebook in your collection 2) Go through all the notes and write down any attributes that come to mind This can be as broad as 'Work' or as specific as 'Lasagna'. Make sure to
  7. After many hours spent in thought regarding this, the best situation I could find is the one I had originally. Keeping as few notebooks as possible and tagging everything with precise and accurate tags. I've tried creating notebooks for projects, and other topics but I was just not happy with the look and feel of it. So I've attached a screen of my new structure and coupling them with the following rules; Projects will be tagged with !Projectname instead of folders. This allows much more flexibility. Action items start with a # to keep them near the top but below projects (I class proj
  8. Thanks Grumpy. Right now I am trying to think of a way to better increase my notebook structure. With my previous setup it was easy because if it was either a personal note, a work related note or a receipt. With this new structure however, if it isn't a project then it seems to default to a reference notebook which isn't always the case... I really enjoy the sandbox/ideas notebook since thats where I can store ideas or possible projects that need to be looked at a later date. But right now I think I need to maybe include another notebook for temporary one-of notes that entail simple tasks
  9. Well thats enough for one night. I will have to come back to this and see how else I can improve.
  10. I was able to size down my tags to 10 tags including: @action, @completed, Chartwell, finance, goals, photography, study, technology, travel....getting rid of personal, notes, Later (sandbox/ideas notebook is for undefined projects) But now some of my notes have no tags associated with them and I don't want to have more than 10 tags (for simplicities sake) but I fear that in the long run, they will be lost in an ever growing Evernote of notes....I suppose I can make a saved search for this...Need to think more about this...
  11. Update; I have completed migrating the notes to new tags and removing the old tags out and properly placing notes in new stack/notebooks. One thing I've noticed is that this method has created an increase amount of tags which could make it difficult in future notes. The last thing I want to do is try and remember which tags I have, so I will try and consolidate some of the tags somehow. I also find that having a tag 'notes' is sort of repetitive as I would be attaching a note tag to a note...So i need to find a way to go around this in a better manner... I am also wondering if its necessa
  12. I think I have identified the actual stacks and notebooks I will be placing and I have decided after a lot of thought to make projects a stack and have the project name a notebook...perhaps I'll include a 'Completed projects stack or notebook to archive the completed old projects... I've attached the reformed notebook structure to reflect the changes. The pain will start when I have to reorganize my notes in the proper notebooks and tags...right now its at a more larger scope...
  13. Another thought to consider and not ignore is: How do I want to find the notes when I need to find them? And how to make it as easy and quick to find them. This is where tags and search feature come in to play I feel.
  14. So the first thing I think works best is identifying obstacles and objects and other aspects that define my 'life' So going down the list.... School: class notes, assignments Work: Projects, meeting notes, reference notes Interests: Guitar, photography, technology, travel Alright so that's a start. The one thing I seem the hardest to place is 'Projects'. So to solve this I am going to define a project and what that entails. David Allen defines a project as something that needs more than one step to complete. But in Project Management, a project is “a temporary endeavor undertaken to cre
  15. I'm making this thread to work out my 'project' of building Evernote that is most efficient to me. Hoping this might be some help to other beginners who have run in to similar blockades of not able to organize your notes which hinders productivity. I've attached a screen of my current Evernote schema where I've setup a hierarchical tag structure that I worked through in a previous thread. Now this structure worked for while and I had high hopes for it but after a while i started finding it difficult on finding this that needed attention now. This caused me to revisit square one.
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