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  1. Yeah, this is super annoying. I wish they'd change it, because it's inconsistent with everything else on the Mac. ?‍♂️
  2. Same — I came here to post about this. It puts me in the situation of disabling Evernote's notifications and not being able to get notifications, or leaving them enabled and having Notification Center cluttered up with Evernote's "note moved" notifications.
  3. I mentioned this above, and yeah, it always occurs when Evernote is in the background.
  4. A few problems with this beta. I'm also seeing visual corruption in the Note List when entering Mission Control, when Evernote's window doesn't have focus. Now that both my account and a New Note button have to appear in the sidebar, I have to scroll to see the rest of my stuff. It'd be good to have the option to disable those, especially since I only have one account, and would rather keep the New Note button in the window's title bar. (It'd also be nice and consistent with the way you can show and hide other items from the sidebar.) This is a bit esoteric, but bear with me: For a long time, I've had a workflow where I'll open a bunch of notes in various windows and then use the "Merge All Windows" command from the Window menu to form a tabbed window of notes. However, as of this beta, notes which are opened in a new window by double-clicking the Note List, and notes which are opened by command-clicking a note link can't exist in the same window. I'm uploading a YouTube video to demonstrate what I mean. Also, some other problems that relate more to how note content is viewed on iOS. I have my default note font set to something other than the default on macOS, but iOS doesn't respect this setting. However, in bulleted lists that I've typed on the Mac, sometimes that font will appear on iOS — but inconsistently. I'd much rather iOS just respect the default that I set on the Mac.
  5. In general, I like the newer simplified toolbar. However, I have some issues with the actual buttons themselves. The Back and Forward buttons on the left look weird as separate buttons — shouldn't they be a joined pair (like Safari, Finder, etc.)? The Sync button always shows a red exclamation mark for me, despite no discernible error having occurred, and I can't figure out why. The Notification icon (the bell) is super low-res and looks out of place — but perhaps it's just a placeholder.
  6. Also getting the crash on launch here. [EDIT] I don't get a crash on launch if I open Evernote in a new user account on my machine, so the problem is likely with database migration? The same thing happened in an earlier beta of this release.
  7. @Chantal Leonard PMed you with a link to the crash log in a gist.
  8. Just like it says in the title, when I remove a shortcut from "Paste to Evernote", the A key is somehow the fallback shortcut for this. Lower case, with no modifiers. Actually, this is happening for all shortcuts that have a default set. I'm running the latest release on macOS Sierra, and have wiped and reinstalled Evernote twice now.
  9. To follow up on this, when I test signing in to my account on a different user on the same computer, with the same version of Evernote, the error doesn't show. I'm going to try flattening my Evernote installation and re-syncing. [Edit: Yeah, that solved it.]
  10. Yep, I'm running the GM version. I had previously been running the developer beta. I also just re-installed Sierra from the public downloader. I'm still seeing that dialog when I close Evernote's main window.
  11. In Sierra, every time I close the main Evernote window, I get the attached error message. Clicking "Continue" doesn't cause any problems, but it's annoying. I'm running 6.9 Beta 2 and am on the latest Sierra Developer Beta as of 2016-09-12 — macOS 10.12 (16A319).
  12. I just want to chime in and say that this issue is already affecting me. I'll wait to see what other users' figure out…
  13. I love the code block feature. Two changes that'd make it more useful: Be able to set the font, or just use the monospace font in my settings. Allow in-line code snippets. For instance, I have a bulleted list in a note which includes, "- you may need to sudo chown -R `whoami` /usr/local", and if I try to make the code portion of that bullet a code block, it is broken out into its own paragraph.
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