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  1. Plus one on this topic. Extremely important feature. Requires zero developement.
  2. Still unrelianle and extremely buggy.
  3. How about you do some actual use user testing before running a feature love? I am not updating this app until I feel it is safe in the future. This ***** completely broke the app and wasted countless hours of my time.
  4. Who was the smart guy to write this in the notes? I've tried everything now. I am not sure why did I even bother
  5. Adding my voice in pledge of markdown support for Evernote.
  6. While Drafts is awesome for inputing information with Text Expander, it definitively doesn't help me when I need to edit some text that is already in Evernote. Sorry, but Text Expander really is a must have for a tool like Evernote.
  7. Seems that you've gained a lot of traction amongst Evernote geeks my friend Irwin is the man. Friendly developer, I am sure he'll make something good out of this!
  8. Haven't been here a while so I haven't seen your post. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be able to write in Evernote, but it still isn't there yet. On the other hand all my research goes to Evernote, and is a valuable reference.
  9. Is there any hope for Evernote markdown support?
  10. For blog publishing Markdown is the hands down best way to go, with simple text files. For that purpose I've been using nvALT and Byword. Trying to think of the way how to do it in Evernote, without getting out of Evernote. nvALT is saving files in Dropbox, and let's me search them pretty much the same way Evernote does, with an added bonus of markdown support. Once I see markdown support for Evernote, seems all of my writing will naturallly gravitate towards Evernote. I also agree with ebusinesstutor, Scrivener is pretty awesome. I've been writing my book in it.
  11. It's a good and quality article, spurred a lot of discussion in the comments. As of now, I don't believe that "everything-in" is possible. Some feaetures are missing: 1. Markdown support 2. Customizable nav bar 3. More optimized minimalism Still my favorite and only everything bucket though.
  12. I am also interested in this. Text expander is amazingly important part of the iOS app ecosystem, a must have for any application that deals with a lot of text.
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Bojan, and I am writing for Alpha Efficiency. Here I am writing about mind hacks, self discipline, mindset required to accomplish your goals and crush procrastination. But I am also covering Apple gadgets and applications that help me get things done in my day to day activities. There is a lot of content on Evernote, as it is one of my main productivity applications. I am on a lookout for other productivity bloggers who are ready to "tribe up" in order to increase our audience. Best regards and thank you for reading.
  14. I don't believe that Evernote itself should develop mind mapping solution, but there is certainly something that you can do to encourage mind map developers to do something about creating tighter integration of their software into Evernote.
  15. Welcome to the community mate. You've defeated a note monster
  16. I believe you can also implement IFTTT rule that will follow your RSS feed and pull it into your Evernote as an option.
  17. That's a damn good idea! Why didn't I think of that?! Yep, one of many examples of how note contents could be both data and metadata. Don't get me wrong guys, I still love and use Evernote, just for the things that I need quick access to, I really need notes. My contract number of my cable provider is in there, because they ask me every time I call them. There are also other small tidbits of information that I love to have handy in spotlight, without entering any of the apps. For all the major research and storage, I still use Evernote, and pull files from there into Scrivener.
  18. I am bumping this thread since this is second time I am looking for a way to sync notes! Any ideas coming up?
  19. Actually this seems like an important feature for me too. Since iOS Spotlight doesn't search Evernote's notes, I started using Notes for instant access on certain notes that require me to get them instantaneously. That kind of integration is increasing the efficiency of notes app. I wish that we could get the similar something to the Evernote as well.
  20. Writing environment look and feel is essential for writers and creative people. For tha matter I can only say that OmmWriter and Pages are obliteratin Evernote. When I write something, I want no distraction view! Simple yet elegant solution would be to allow full screen view for individual notes. If anyone else thinks that this is good idea, support this thread!
  21. I also started using notes for storing the information that I need quick access to. Notes are searchable within iOS spotlight, so I am using # for taggin purposes and it works like a charm.
  22. I stopped using Evernote for GTD, because I find OmniFocus way more powerfull task manager. Only problem of OmniFocus is that it is platform dependent, so it doesn't make it the best system for everyone. I found that tags are bringing a lot to the table, way more than contexts in GTD apps, simply, because you can tag freely and you can put several tags on single action task at once. The lacking part of it, is that you have "checkboxes" that you need to create manually, which can be a drag, and that actually let me to not using the checkboxes at all. Instead every single note, represented a task. I found it to tedious to use checklists, especially, since it was a drag looking for a keyboard shortcut, and no ability to add checkboxes on mobile. Or completely lacking the ability to add checkboxes on mobile. There are many strenghts of Evernote for GTD, and I miss a bunch of them. I still love global shortcut for "search". And Evernote's search is one of it's highest strengths. If you stick to Evernote as your main GTD platform, you won't make mistake. I am quite certain it's not the top notch platform for it, but it does a good job at it! --------------- Update: Daniel Gold's ebook on Evernote GTD is valuable resource in helping you implement GTD strategies inside Evernote, I wrote a review about it, and encourage you to check it out.
  23. I am premium user and, since I have Evernote notes offline, I would love to have Spotlight search included on my phone. iPhone's native notes are searchable from Spotlight, can we have Evernote notes integrated as well. This would make ubiquity frictionless searching on my phone, instead of going to the app itself. In other words it would simply rock. In the meanwhile I actually started using native notes app for note taking and than I would forward a note via email so I can have it in Evernote on my other devices as well. Let me know if there is any other workaround. My phone is jailbroken, so if there is any tweak I would love to know.
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