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  1. I am so angry with myself for suffering through this as long as I have when a solution was available over a year ago. Well, no one to blame but myself. At least I will enter 2019 with less frustration over my scanner. :) Thanks for posting this.
  2. Oh, and iPhone works fine BTW. Not as snappy as the app was back in the day, but not like the ipad experience I'm having now.
  3. Yes, just tried this in airplane mode. Exactly the same experience. csihilling describes it perfectly. I can type a word or sentence on the keys (having no effect on the screen), then watch the keys be "typed" as if invisible hands were doing it on the ipad a few seconds later.
  4. You bring up a good point and it's probably the cause of my issues. For the longest time I used offline for all of my notebooks. For some reason (probably storage on ipad) I moved to "Do not download notes". So the minute I took your suggestion and tried using EN in a disconnected state, I couldn't do anything. I'm switching back to "Download all notes" to see how that works out.
  5. It's an iPad 4th gen with retina running 10.2 (latest). Evernote 7.18.1
  6. I kind of feel like you hadn't read my note. I did a completely fresh install on a completely freshly restored OS on a different device and got the same result.
  7. Same problem here. I'll admit my iPad is an older generation now with less horsepower than I wish. But I'm running plenty of other apps with no issues at all. Biggest challenge is speed of typing. It's like Evernote is syncing on every key press and just can't keep up with normal typing speeds. i even swapped iPads with my wife (same model), restored the device and reinstalled each app (didn't use iCloud backup). Same performance on Evernote (crappy). The app used to run just fine on this device. Any suggestions on how to improve or has the app just become so bloated that it will never run right?
  8. When Business Card scanning first launched, it was nearly perfect in finding the card and scanning the text. It seems lately it's having a hard time finding the outline of the card. The rectangular frame on the display keeps pulsing but rarely finds the card. I'm scanning on the same high contrast background (my black desktop) with a white business card. What gives?
  9. I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011. Since there's only one field for "name" in the app, I have to assume the Apple Mac app is parsing the first/last names. If the EN app were doing this parsing, it would presumably show up correctly in any receiving app....right? I'll contact support now. Thanks again for your help and thorough response.
  10. First, huge thanks for the quick reply on this! Second, I probably didn't explain myself as well as I could have. I confused the topic before by mentioning my own business card....I simply scanned my own card and sent my own info to myself so I could see what my recipients are seeing when this email comes across. Let me try again. My experience comes from my iPhone 5S. I believe my issue has nothing to do with the card OCR data parsing. That part works very well (surprisingly well!!). The issue I'm having is when I use "Email my info" to send my own contact info to others. It arrives in the form of an email from "no-reply@evernote.com" which has my contact details in text and in a vCard. The text and photo look fine. But the vCard has the name and address concatenated. But really, it's not concatenated, it's just that the source for that info is the "My Contact Info" section under Settings/General/Camera/Business Cards. This area has only a single field for Name and a single field for Address so when the vCard is created, it just grabs all the data in those fields and sticks them into the First Name and Street fields. When this vCard is opened by the recipients system it's not going to parse correctly into their contact management system.
  11. I absolutely love this feature. However, I just did a test of the "Send contact info" by testing with one of my own cards and found a concern... The vCard that is attached to the e-mail has the First Name / Last Name fields concatenated into the First Name field and the address is similarly bundled into the street address field in the vCard. I know this is driven by the way the data is entered in the My Contact Info setting in the EN app....the settings only have one field for name and address. The problem is that when the recipient gets this vCard and wants to import my data into their contact management tool, the data isn't parsed correctly which is sloppy. Surely vCard supports First Name/Last Name fields as well as Street/City/State/ZIP fields.
  12. For my primary laptop, my iPad and iPhone I want new notes to go into my main notebook. However, on the laptop connected to my scanner I want the default notebook to be "My Scanned Files" instead. What I've found is that when I change the default notebook on that laptop, the default notebook changes on ALL machines. Is there a way to have the "default notebook" be device specific?
  13. I do this today on my Windows XP machine by using "Tools/Import Folders". But I am moving my S1500 over to my Mac and was hoping to have the same function. However, unless I'm missing something it appears the Import Folders feature is absent from the Mac version of EN. I am able to use the ScanSnap feature "Scan to Evernote" but that drops my files into the default folder which isn't really where I'd like them. Have you figured out how to do this automatically (import) or are you kicking this off manually each time?
  14. I agree 100% with your perspective on how this should work and why we need it this way. This came up today when I shared a note with a colleague who then replied...but the reply went to my personal mail account rather than work so I didn't see it until much later. Sometimes I share notes personally and want my personal address to show and other times I'm using this for work. I only have two mail addresses and I work hard to keep things separate. Sorry but I don't think this is a realistic recommendation for the way most regular users would benefit from this feature. I toggle between work and personal activities all day and would expect to be able to toggle my e-mail address accordingly. I do this exact thing every time I compose an e-mail from my iPad or iPhone. I simply choose the "from" account and send away. Replies come back to the appropriate account. Very simple.
  15. Unfortunately the Salesforce solutions only seem to support Outlook on Windows...I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011 which seems to limit the available solutions for challenges like this. I may check out this book. Thanks for the recommendation.
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