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  1. I am so angry with myself for suffering through this as long as I have when a solution was available over a year ago. Well, no one to blame but myself. At least I will enter 2019 with less frustration over my scanner. :) Thanks for posting this.
  2. Oh, and iPhone works fine BTW. Not as snappy as the app was back in the day, but not like the ipad experience I'm having now.
  3. Yes, just tried this in airplane mode. Exactly the same experience. csihilling describes it perfectly. I can type a word or sentence on the keys (having no effect on the screen), then watch the keys be "typed" as if invisible hands were doing it on the ipad a few seconds later.
  4. You bring up a good point and it's probably the cause of my issues. For the longest time I used offline for all of my notebooks. For some reason (probably storage on ipad) I moved to "Do not download notes". So the minute I took your suggestion and tried using EN in a disconnected state, I couldn't do anything. I'm switching back to "Download all notes" to see how that works out.
  5. It's an iPad 4th gen with retina running 10.2 (latest). Evernote 7.18.1
  6. I kind of feel like you hadn't read my note. I did a completely fresh install on a completely freshly restored OS on a different device and got the same result.
  7. Same problem here. I'll admit my iPad is an older generation now with less horsepower than I wish. But I'm running plenty of other apps with no issues at all. Biggest challenge is speed of typing. It's like Evernote is syncing on every key press and just can't keep up with normal typing speeds. i even swapped iPads with my wife (same model), restored the device and reinstalled each app (didn't use iCloud backup). Same performance on Evernote (crappy). The app used to run just fine on this device. Any suggestions on how to improve or has the app just become so bloated that it w
  8. I agree 100% with your perspective on how this should work and why we need it this way. This came up today when I shared a note with a colleague who then replied...but the reply went to my personal mail account rather than work so I didn't see it until much later. Sometimes I share notes personally and want my personal address to show and other times I'm using this for work. I only have two mail addresses and I work hard to keep things separate. Sorry but I don't think this is a realistic recommendation for the way most regular users would benefit from this feature. I toggle
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