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  1. I am so angry with myself for suffering through this as long as I have when a solution was available over a year ago. Well, no one to blame but myself. At least I will enter 2019 with less frustration over my scanner. :) Thanks for posting this.
  2. Oh, and iPhone works fine BTW. Not as snappy as the app was back in the day, but not like the ipad experience I'm having now.
  3. Yes, just tried this in airplane mode. Exactly the same experience. csihilling describes it perfectly. I can type a word or sentence on the keys (having no effect on the screen), then watch the keys be "typed" as if invisible hands were doing it on the ipad a few seconds later.
  4. You bring up a good point and it's probably the cause of my issues. For the longest time I used offline for all of my notebooks. For some reason (probably storage on ipad) I moved to "Do not download notes". So the minute I took your suggestion and tried using EN in a disconnected state, I couldn't do anything. I'm switching back to "Download all notes" to see how that works out.
  5. It's an iPad 4th gen with retina running 10.2 (latest). Evernote 7.18.1
  6. I kind of feel like you hadn't read my note. I did a completely fresh install on a completely freshly restored OS on a different device and got the same result.
  7. Same problem here. I'll admit my iPad is an older generation now with less horsepower than I wish. But I'm running plenty of other apps with no issues at all. Biggest challenge is speed of typing. It's like Evernote is syncing on every key press and just can't keep up with normal typing speeds. i even swapped iPads with my wife (same model), restored the device and reinstalled each app (didn't use iCloud backup). Same performance on Evernote (crappy). The app used to run just fine on this device. Any suggestions on how to improve or has the app just become so bloated that it will never run right?
  8. When Business Card scanning first launched, it was nearly perfect in finding the card and scanning the text. It seems lately it's having a hard time finding the outline of the card. The rectangular frame on the display keeps pulsing but rarely finds the card. I'm scanning on the same high contrast background (my black desktop) with a white business card. What gives?
  9. I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011. Since there's only one field for "name" in the app, I have to assume the Apple Mac app is parsing the first/last names. If the EN app were doing this parsing, it would presumably show up correctly in any receiving app....right? I'll contact support now. Thanks again for your help and thorough response.
  10. First, huge thanks for the quick reply on this! Second, I probably didn't explain myself as well as I could have. I confused the topic before by mentioning my own business card....I simply scanned my own card and sent my own info to myself so I could see what my recipients are seeing when this email comes across. Let me try again. My experience comes from my iPhone 5S. I believe my issue has nothing to do with the card OCR data parsing. That part works very well (surprisingly well!!). The issue I'm having is when I use "Email my info" to send my own contact info to others. It arrives in the form of an email from "no-reply@evernote.com" which has my contact details in text and in a vCard. The text and photo look fine. But the vCard has the name and address concatenated. But really, it's not concatenated, it's just that the source for that info is the "My Contact Info" section under Settings/General/Camera/Business Cards. This area has only a single field for Name and a single field for Address so when the vCard is created, it just grabs all the data in those fields and sticks them into the First Name and Street fields. When this vCard is opened by the recipients system it's not going to parse correctly into their contact management system.
  11. I absolutely love this feature. However, I just did a test of the "Send contact info" by testing with one of my own cards and found a concern... The vCard that is attached to the e-mail has the First Name / Last Name fields concatenated into the First Name field and the address is similarly bundled into the street address field in the vCard. I know this is driven by the way the data is entered in the My Contact Info setting in the EN app....the settings only have one field for name and address. The problem is that when the recipient gets this vCard and wants to import my data into their contact management tool, the data isn't parsed correctly which is sloppy. Surely vCard supports First Name/Last Name fields as well as Street/City/State/ZIP fields.
  12. For my primary laptop, my iPad and iPhone I want new notes to go into my main notebook. However, on the laptop connected to my scanner I want the default notebook to be "My Scanned Files" instead. What I've found is that when I change the default notebook on that laptop, the default notebook changes on ALL machines. Is there a way to have the "default notebook" be device specific?
  13. I do this today on my Windows XP machine by using "Tools/Import Folders". But I am moving my S1500 over to my Mac and was hoping to have the same function. However, unless I'm missing something it appears the Import Folders feature is absent from the Mac version of EN. I am able to use the ScanSnap feature "Scan to Evernote" but that drops my files into the default folder which isn't really where I'd like them. Have you figured out how to do this automatically (import) or are you kicking this off manually each time?
  14. I agree 100% with your perspective on how this should work and why we need it this way. This came up today when I shared a note with a colleague who then replied...but the reply went to my personal mail account rather than work so I didn't see it until much later. Sometimes I share notes personally and want my personal address to show and other times I'm using this for work. I only have two mail addresses and I work hard to keep things separate. Sorry but I don't think this is a realistic recommendation for the way most regular users would benefit from this feature. I toggle between work and personal activities all day and would expect to be able to toggle my e-mail address accordingly. I do this exact thing every time I compose an e-mail from my iPad or iPhone. I simply choose the "from" account and send away. Replies come back to the appropriate account. Very simple.
  15. Unfortunately the Salesforce solutions only seem to support Outlook on Windows...I'm using Outlook for Mac 2011 which seems to limit the available solutions for challenges like this. I may check out this book. Thanks for the recommendation.
  16. I've been in sales my entire life and have always looked for ways to improve my effectiveness. I'm a typical ADD sales guy who has the attention span of a 4 year old (maybe less) so I find myself falling out of line with my "system" due to distractions. I still achieve good results, but I think I work too hard to get there. I'm not asking you to cure my ADD but I am interested in feedback on improving my workflow and system. I recently changed jobs so I have a great opportunity to start with a clean slate and install a new process early before I get super busy (optimistic!) with customers. I've laid out some of my requirements and objectives in hopes that others have found tools to aid in these processes. The biggest issues I tackle are task collection/management and contact management. My primary systems are Mac (Office for Mac 2011), iPad and iPhone. However, any components I implment need to be cross platform because I can't be locked into a single one (what if I have to move back to Windows?) Required applications/services Salesforce.comQuotesSales ForecastsProspects/Leads/Contacts/CompaniesTasksExchange mailCorporate mail/calendar/contactsTasksEvernoteAll notesCapture tasks/follow ups ObjectivesAchieve high level of productivity while complying with external requirements (ex: boss says business contacts must be in SFDC) Enter data once! Access data anywhere (Mac / iPad / iPhone / Android tablet / Windows PC) Automated to extent possible Task ManagementEnter tasks in meeting notes in EvernoteEnter tasks in OutlookEnter tasks in SFDCAll tasks to be combined into a single "to-do" list (ok if this is external to to apps above, as long as it complies with Objectives 3 and 4)Contact ManagementEnter contacts into system in variety of fashions:Scan business cardGrab e-mail signatureImport from spreadsheet, csv, etc.All contacts must be synced to a single location (Exchange?)Only customers, prospects, leads should be synced to SFDC (use categories in Outlook?)
  17. I did not use quotes as my intent was to find a document that included the word "sales" and the word "Motorola" but not necessarily together. I couldn't remember if we called it a "Sales Conference", "Sales Meeting" or a "Sales Kickoff" so I just left it open-ended with "sales". I just did it again for the heck of it. I think there's something wrong with the sync'd file on the Mac version. When I just do a search for "sales" (without quotes) it finds the document, but only because the word "sales" is in the note title. It IS NOT highlighting the word "sales" in the PDF version as if the PDF is not OCR'ed. On the Windows version, it highlights the work "sales" in the document showing that it's been OCRd. I can't explain why the same file isn't OCR'ed on the Mac app but IS on the Windows one, but this would explain why it isn't finding the word "Moto" since that's not in the note title.
  18. Just tried that. I get the same results on the Mac with or without the asterisk. 115 notes total...and none of them are the note from the Sales Kickoff meeting. And for grins, I just checked how many results I get on my Windows machine when I enter the "sales moto" search term: 116. This must be some anomaly related to that note since it's the ONLY exception not showing up in the results. Still can't make sense of it...
  19. I was looking for a document from our last sales meeting to find the name of our Motorola contact. On my Windows PC, I entered a search for "sales moto" and found the agenda from our sales kickoff meeting with the contact. (exact result I was looking for) On my Mac, I entered the exact same search term and did NOT get the sales kickoff note. I had to add "sales kickoff" to find the document on my Mac. Why would the search function be providing different results on different versions of the app?
  20. You mentioned this elsewhere and I felt stupid for not thinking of this sooner. All of a sudden I realized that I've been backing up to SugarSync (even before EN) and don't know what their encryption is (if any) to protect my data. Then the idea of knowingly sending all of my scanned docs to EN as well just raised my concern way too high. I've got medical docs, loan docs, financial statements, etc. Is it crazy to store all of that in the cloud without encryption? But the idea of using a 3rd party solution and also losing some search functionality brings me right back to where I'm at today. The whole reason I wanted to use EN for my scanned docs was for the search and tagging functionality (I suspect tagging would still work.) Hummm.... I'm using SugarSync too (and loving it) for all personal files. I have NOT specifically included any EN folders and they don't appear to reside in "My Documents" in Win 7. Where is the local data stored? I've been using Roboform for several years and absolutely love it. I've migrated all of my important credentials to completely random, complex passwords and don't have to remember a thing. Plus it syncs all that data between machines and stores the backup (Encrypted!!!!) in the cloud.
  21. I'm using the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 and I love it. I've been using it for a couple of years, pre-Evernote, and have really been happy with it. It's a full-color, duplex scanner with a great sheet feeder. I love the scanning software that comes with it but can't stand the organizer tool to manage the PDF files that are created. I'm in the process of integrating Evernote into my life for this purpose. Keep the scanner, ditch the PDF organizer in favor of Evernote.
  22. I agree. I actually think the use of tags is superior over folders. It provides much more functionality as items can be members of multiple tag groups. (Vacation, San Diego 2005 & Friends rather than one or the others). Again, once I figure out how to get 5000 files in folders assigned to matching tags upon initial import, I'll be good from this point forward using tags only. I'm similarly anal-retentive, er, thorough about data back ups. All of these scanned documents will also be backed up to my cloud-based sync/backup service (SugarSync).
  23. I'd love to get a Mac and expect my next computer purchase to be from Apple (already iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV and Airport Express users). But a new notebook just isn't in the budget at the moment so I'll have to suffer for the moment. On the topic of the AppleScript functionality, surely there's a 3rd party app in Windows world that performs a similar function?? I'm not hung up on using sub-folders any longer. I'd be perfectly OK creating tags to match my folder names and using that approach instead. I also completely agree with your rationale about the need for tags to limit the search from producing too many results. (I've seen some ideas on how to refine search results, but they seem cumbersome for day-to-day use) My issue is the initial transfer of 5000 files with about 100 folders/sub-folders and finding a way to "import" that data with the files. I began this trial process tonight. I set up a notebook stack (My Scanned Files), created sub-notebooks (Household) and then created an import of my "Household" folder to my Household notebook. The files are actually stored in 20 sub-folders which will not replicate in any way in EN, but at least this consolidates the tagging effort somewhat. It seems like there would be some data assigned to the files upon inport that would show where they came from....but I can't find that data anywhere. If I could find that import detail somehow (source folder) it sure would make the tagging process easy (ok, easier).
  24. Are you on a Mac? This is very doable with AppleScript. Greg Unfortunately I'm not on a Mac....stuck in PC world for now. I can't disagree totally with the questions of how much you need to tag when the search function is so capable. Maybe it's just old school thinking to prefer having a "system" rather than lumping everything into a bucket that can be searched. I think I just get some peace of mind knowing I have a "cabinet/drawer/file" approach to document management. Maybe there's a pill for this illness? I've still hesitated moving my scanned files to EN until I get comfortable with whatever system I end up utilizing. My biggest fear at the moment is dumping 5000 "folderized" files into a single bucket in EN and then deciding I don't like it that way. :-) Whatever I end up doing I must do with the knowledge that there's no turning back.
  25. Thanks, I checked out that thread and some great points were made there. Especially the one about not trying to go overboard with structure until you know what you need...and you really need it! (I'm a little guilty of over-thinking some things up front). As for the tags, my thought was that sometimes I may want to search on all things related to "household" where I may be sorting for invoices from insurance AND utility services. I guess it could be argued that I could just grab both of those tags when I search at a later date, but I think my brain appreciates having a hierarchy vs. just a flat list of tags. Regardless of the approach, however, I still need a way to set up a top level folder as an import and have EN use some logic of the sub-folders when deciding what do to with them. I suspect if I don't do this, they'll all just end up in one notebook....right?
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