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  1. Same level of rage here. Blatantly intrusive. No way to disable. Poorly implemented. It offers to review every photo, even without text. It designed with "virality" going before usefulness: imagine yourself that after every photo taken you're getting sound + vibro + notification offering you to share, enhance, delete your photo. Every time.
  2. Hello From time to time, after EN start, I notice that my main notebook text becomes white. I need to go to Style menu to make it black (Default color) again. Not a blocker, but need to do this once in a couple of days. Wondering why? This thing haunts me for 1-2 months already. Thank you OD
  3. Hello Subj. It looks gigantic, out of place, it steals precious vertical space from the left panel, it adds padding on the left. Now because of it tags and notebooks look tiny. Is there a way to hide it? Thanks
  4. Quick fix: draw such big margins only for notes with tables
  5. Yes, very very frustrating. Plus! Dragging&dropping text from the note to the other app leads to marking note as "changed" (gets blue triangle with white arrow) - changes note updated time - very annoying too.
  6. Friendly bump! I've found another auto-format "super feature". When I'm pasting text that has '::' from Visual Studio using Ctrl+Shift+V, it adds spaces, thinking this is punctuation. So IGXLiveLink::v1::Proxy::UpdateSession becomes IGXLiveLink :: v1 :: Proxy :: UpdateSession. You don't need to be a programmer to understand my suffering. So could you please add "Disable all auto-formatting" switch?
  7. Possibly, you can press Ctrl+Z right after autoformat. I support keisoko here, damn-i-want-to-kill-you annoying feature, and even Word, which targetted not only you and me but our grandparents too has a possibility to disable this.
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