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  1. After Firefox updated yesterday, the Web Clipper stopped working. When I sign in, to clip a page, it works.

    After finishing Firefox and re-open it again, a red dot appears unter the WEb Clipper (Elephant) symbol and I have to sign in again, for every single clip. Very tedious.

    I know, it is the Firefox settings. I have tried for hours and nothing works.

    Can anybody provide me with the Firefox settings that I need to check, so the web clipper works?


  2. I don't think that will happen. EN is not trying to be a "universal" piece of software that can do everything (badly).

    It is designed to collect and retrieve information with speed and ease.

    You CAN use a third-party mind mapping tool and drag the files into EN. Once there you can click on that file and your external software will open for working with mindmaps.


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  3. While I can see a need for this, this would be difficult to implement and not useful after some time. Websites change, URLs change and implementing this would then give you useless or conflicting messages, as changes will be more likely. Probably not on the radar screen of EN developers.

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  4. Hi and welcome to the forums !

    This topic has been discusssed here at length. Please use the Search function.
    In EN you can create STACKS which can hold notebooks. With Stacks you can probably accomplish what you want to do. You can read about Stacks here.
    Thinking for some time on HOW you are going to organize your notes (and tags) is time well spent and will also help to find them later with ease.


  5. EN does not ignore users, quite the contrary. This forum is an active community and EN employees read what is posted here. Many design features were proposed here first and got implemented.

    It is impossible to accommodate all wishes of all users. EN has to make some basic design decisions which suit the average user well.

    Multiple levels of notebooks does not seem to be one of those.


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