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  1. Great - thanks for sharing Dmitry! Good luck guys
  2. Hi Dmitry and Powerbot, We love Powerbot! Many of us use the feature and it helps make the Gmail experience seamless with Evernote - Great work. So as with all 3rd party integrations, it's inevitable that Evernote product teams will continue to iterate and make their products the best they can be. So for example, if the Web Clipper teams works on making the clipping of Gmail pages easier and better formatted than before, that is great for users. While we will definitely work on knowing product teams road maps, we believe Powerbot is an excellent in-page experience. As you guys know, web clippers and browser extensions are an evolving product that requires many little fixes such as gmail support, new site parsing, and a never ending list of improvements we get asked for weekly. When we roll out new features such as our Reminder API, Business API, etc - the teams that integrate benefit from first mover advantage. So go judo on a new feature in our API and we work out hardest to promote good apps that our users love! There's plenty of apps that are Evernote note editors, document scanners, browser extensions, and mobile apps using the same platform - in fact it's over 25,000 developers building applications and extensions. Keep building great products and we will continue to feature and promote great integrations. At the end of the day, we want users to find the perfect tool set to help them create notes on our cloud platform - certainly Power bot is one of them we have been actively promoting in the Trunk, blog, etc. Gerv and Julien will follow up offline - talk soon!
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