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  1. Chris Traganos

    Getting error on an attempt to listNotebooks

    Hi there, Error code 8 tells me you are having invalid auth attempts: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/Errors.html For the hostName - you need to change this from https://sandbox.evernote.com to https://www.evernote.com var hostName = "http://sandbox.evernote.com"; and in your config.json I am not able to see if you've properly switched from sandbox to production: https://github.com/noduslabs/infranodus/blob/evernote/routes/evernote.js#L12 has me thinking it's still trying to hit sandbox.evernote.com/oauth/ ... var client = new Evernote.Client.new({ consumerKey: 'YOUR API CONSUMER KEY', consumerSecret: 'YOUR API CONSUMER SECRET', sandbox: [true or false] // Optional (default: true)});client.getRequestToken('YOUR CALLBACK URL', function(error, oauthToken, oauthTokenSecret, results) { // store tokens in the session // and then redirect to client.getAuthorizeUrl(oauthToken)});Fingers crossed, let me know
  2. Hey Sapsaw, Did you upgrade from the new cloud sdk: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-ios or where you on the original sdk? : https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-ios For the new SDK, related notes would be apart of the advanced section: https://github.com/evernote/evernote-cloud-sdk-ios/blob/master/Working_with_the_Advanced_(EDAM)_API.md Let us know - that would either be a bug or it would be a change in implementation depending on what's happened. Thanks!
  3. Chris Traganos

    Rate Limits

    Thanks for the feedback - we are taking all of this into consideration. App developers who have rate limit concerns can message me on the forums. When we launched rate limits, our goal was to reduce abusive API calls that were repeatedly taking down the service. Overall we've been able to make adjustments for new keys moving forward. There's no simple answer, but we are open to working with you on this. I've reached out to those in this thread separately - we are committed to making sure platform apps get the support they need.
  4. Chris Traganos

    Nozbe, link to web site invalid

    Thanks guys -- all fixed!
  5. Chris Traganos

    android Evernote android app to sandbox

    For step two - just change that directory to /sdcard/Android/data/com.evernote/files/
  6. Chris Traganos

    Handling rate limits and lots of notes

    Notes are created one by one although we do allow for bursts when apps require first time imports. Limits are by the hour so many developers do a server side sync over a day in reverse chronological or alphabetically order until completed.
  7. Chris Traganos

    Handling rate limits and lots of notes

    Can you describe how many requests you are making in an hour timeframe? Is it multiple requests per each contact or 1 to 1 for each fetch of note contents?
  8. Chris Traganos

    ✔ How long did it take you to activate your API key?

    you should be all set now - let me know, thanks
  9. Chris Traganos

    ✔ When will my API key activate?

    Hi Doug, My apologies for the delay - as you've noticed we've been working out our demand for 2014 as we handle the increased platform interest. (Good problems to have thankfully!) While we automate obtaining a key for building the in the sandbox environment, we must manual review every request for access to Evernote accounts. This ensure safety our of users accounts and makes sure we can screen for malicious apps. We go in the order we receive and have been digging out of our backlog bit by bit. Thanks for building on the platform and you have my info for future issues. Laurent - as always *thank you* for your support!
  10. Chris Traganos

    (Archived) Announcing the Devcup 2013 Finalists!

    Hi Jay, Noted - Appreciate the concern regarding certain finalists for Devcup. If you would like to discuss the specifics, please reach out to devcup at evernote dot com. Thanks!
  11. Chris Traganos

    Powerbot for Gmail - beta channel

    Great - thanks for sharing Dmitry! Good luck guys
  12. Chris Traganos

    Powerbot for Gmail - beta channel

    Hi Dmitry and Powerbot, We love Powerbot! Many of us use the feature and it helps make the Gmail experience seamless with Evernote - Great work. So as with all 3rd party integrations, it's inevitable that Evernote product teams will continue to iterate and make their products the best they can be. So for example, if the Web Clipper teams works on making the clipping of Gmail pages easier and better formatted than before, that is great for users. While we will definitely work on knowing product teams road maps, we believe Powerbot is an excellent in-page experience. As you guys know, web clippers and browser extensions are an evolving product that requires many little fixes such as gmail support, new site parsing, and a never ending list of improvements we get asked for weekly. When we roll out new features such as our Reminder API, Business API, etc - the teams that integrate benefit from first mover advantage. So go judo on a new feature in our API and we work out hardest to promote good apps that our users love! There's plenty of apps that are Evernote note editors, document scanners, browser extensions, and mobile apps using the same platform - in fact it's over 25,000 developers building applications and extensions. Keep building great products and we will continue to feature and promote great integrations. At the end of the day, we want users to find the perfect tool set to help them create notes on our cloud platform - certainly Power bot is one of them we have been actively promoting in the Trunk, blog, etc. Gerv and Julien will follow up offline - talk soon!
  13. Hello Evernote Developers, As our dedicated base of devs & designers for the Evernote platform, we want to give you an inside look at the 2013 Evernote Devcup. For those of you that participated in the Evernote Devcup last year, you'll remember that it is the highlight of the year for the developer community within Evernote, where we ask our users to test and help us vote on the best new 3rd party integrations. As the Evernote platform team, we want to reward great apps and services that help out users to more with Evernote. If the Devcup is news to you, here is some background info: The Evernote Devcup is our annual developer competition for designers and software developers. With the help of our online community, we will award prizes to the best products that integrate with the Evernote API. The Goal: Evernote means something different to each of our 50 million users around the world, making the opportunities for integration with the Evernote platform almost unlimited. If your app can help a user capture, share, recall or visualize important information, there’s a fit with Evernote. We’re looking for well-designed apps that allow users to do more with Evernote, whether at home or at work, on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device, in the US or Brazil or China or anywhere else in the world. Last month at SXSW in Austin, we announced the Evernote Devcup and prizes for the best apps that combine captivating functionality with beautiful, intuitive design to help Evernote users better capture and recall the important items in their lives. You can view the best of last year's competition here >> What's new this year: Category Prizes In addition to the top cash prizes, we have added 12+ category prizes for apps. This allows for developers who build apps for specific communities and verticals to have a great opportunity at winning any of the following awards listed below. Category Prizes for the Evernote Devcup 2013: Best App for BusinessBest App for Design / InspirationBest App for Developer / TechnicalBest App for Education / ResearchBest App for Family / ParentingBest App for Food / CookingBest App for PaperlessBest App for PhotographyBest App for ProductivityBest App for Sports / FitnessBest App for TravelCategory winner apps receive tickets to the Evernote Conference in addition to $1000 in AWS credit for their project. Amazon Web Services Credits for all Participants Thanks for a very generous gift from AWS Startups, we are able to support the initial launch of your web services, sites, and backend for your apps through server credits. Specifically, AWS is offering the following credits for Devcup: All participants who have submitted an app on devcup.evernote.com get $100 credit for AWSEvery team who has submitted an app and our judges have determined its functional get an additional $250 towards their app server on AWSEvery category winning team receives $1000 credit towards their AWS account for the appDevcup Gold team receives $5000 AWS server creditDevcup Silver team receives $3500 AWS server creditDevcup Bronze team receives $2500 AWS server creditDevcup Finalists - 6 teams flown to SF for our annual conference this fall Finalists: The six best overall apps from the first round will be selected as finalists and will win an all-expenses paid trip to the Evernote Conference. At the conference, the finalists will pitch their submissions to our audience, who will vote for the overall gold, silver and bronze winners. Devcup Gold, Silver and Bronze: The winners of the audience voting at the Evernote Conference will take home $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 prizes, respectively. Evernote Developer meet ups around the world: To help you get started, the Evernote team will be hosting Devcup Meetups around the world in April through June. Attend one in a city near you to brainstorm ideas, discuss your app with Evernote API experts, and connect with fellow participants. The Evernote Meetups are listed below: Berlin, Germany - Telekom/Evernote Hackathon - April 5 - 7thTokyo, Japan - Devcup Meetup - April 17thSingapore - Devcup Meetup - April 18thSydney - Devcup Meetup - April 22ndMelbourne - Devcup Meetup - April 24thTaipei, Taiwain - Devcup Meetup - April 25thNew York City - Devcup Meetup - April 26thHong Kong - Devcup Meetup - May 2ndZürich, Switzerland - Devcup Meetup - May 6thColombia - Evernote Developer Workshop - May 24thOsaka, Japan - Devcup Meetup - April 21stSendai, Japan - Devcup Meetup - April 22ndSF / Silicon Valley - Evernote/Honda Hackathon - May 31st - June 2ndThe Evernote Devcup is open from now until June 28th. Create an app to help 50 million Evernote users do more: register to enter at devcup.evernote.com today! Let's talk on the forums! Check out the Devcup subforum here >> More news on the Evernote Devcup: Announcing Devcup 2013 [The Evernote Blog] The Best from Devcup 2012 [The Evernote Blog] [Evernote Youtube Channel]Evernote Education Ambassador - "Build me a Devcup App!" [TheNerdyTeacher Blog] For competition updates, follow @evernote_dev on Twitter, and use the hashtag #devcup when you tweet.
  14. Chris Traganos

    SDK for Windows 8 App?

    Hello OGEyes, You can try a new .NET / C# SDK sample set from this post - many devs have had luck with it: Let me know, Chris
  15. Chris Traganos

    Table right padding issue - New

    Hi David, Do you have an old note you could share with me so I can inspect? I see the CSS rule adding the padding to td's & th's - the web team added them so that the majority of notes have a general CSS reset.