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  1. Okay Phils. Thank you for reply.I will post in stack overflow as well.you can see my code here handle["/evernote/ notification "] = evernote_notification; //Just routing to function when notifys function evernote_notification(response,request){ var parsedUrl = url.parse(request.url, true); // true to get query as object var queryAsObject = parsedUrl.query; console.log("evernote_notification:- queryAsObject- "+ JSON.stringify(queryAsObject)); var userId=parseUrl.query.userId; var guid=parseUrl.query.guid; var reagon=parseUrl.query.reason; console.log("evernote_notification:- userId="+userId+" &&guid= "+guid+" &&reagon= "+reagon); if (userId && guid && reagon) { //here I need to get userinformation with updated details of his/her account } }
  2. Hi, I am trying to integrate Evernote api in my application.so i have gone through all the document for creating consumer key and secret .I have done all process and am able to get all notebooks and note list using API in node.js. Now I want to implement if any user updates or create notes ,I need to handle those so for that I have found webhook concept.Therefore i have registered Webhook endpoint(utl:- https://xxx.xx.xx.xxx:xxxx/evernote/notification) two days back only and I have got email from support team as "Webhook endpoint updated successfully".Now I think my webhook url for activated to get notify once user update or create notes in their account. I wrote one http module and started handling the request on url which I have registered for webhook like this,If I have updated any notes or created notes in evernote account manually,I am not able to get any request handling in that function. can somebody tell me whats going on here? Thanks in advance.
  3. I am trying to integrate Evernote API using node.js.So I have generated Key for Production server i.e https://www.evernote.com .so I filled the form to activate that key and got submission request popup also.Now how long time it will take to activate? Thanks and Regards.
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