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  1. I dont want to pay for yet another service like Filterize, when Evernote can fix this with three lines of code. They have gotten tons of request for a quick lock option for notes. So now I really expect them to pay attention.
  2. I have long been missing a simple way to just lock my notes with a single click to prevent accidental changes. I am aware of the encryption function on text. Its not that I am wanting here. Its just a way to quick-lock a note from changes.
  3. Hi Love Evernote and we use it in our firm a lot. But I find it so frustrating if I accidently leave my app to collect something and if I forget to click the Finnish-button on my sketch drawing - I LOOSE EVERYTING! Please add an autosave function to save my note and sketchdrawing i have scribbled down.
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