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  1. It's working again now, thank you everyone who has helped and a big shout out to the guys over at Cronofy. They were very helpful and their replies very prompt. Great guys!
  2. Ah I see, I am also getting the same emails saying its successfully sync though it is not. Am hoping it gets rectified soon as I heavily rely on my Google calendae for work
  3. I've been using Cronofy to sync my Evernote reminders to my Google calendar as a task list for my day to day activities for a few months and it's been working great. However, earlier today I noticed that the reminders I set for my next day's activities were not updating in my Google calendar on both my iPad and Android. I tried refreshing the connection by disconnecting and reconnecting my accounts but this time an error message appears. Has anyone experienced the same issue or know of any ways that I can go about this ? I really like the simplicity of Cronofy and am really reluctant to try other integration alternatives. Please help
  4. I agree, it is extremely frustrating. I spend most of my time scrolling back to the top ever since the new update. A quick workaround this is that I will have to "right click" the notes and open it in a new window, this way my reminder list on the left stays at the top. It's not the best solution but it beats having to scroll all the way to the top after each task. I hope this helps and I do hope that Evernote fixes this soon Happy New Year everyone !
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