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  1. In Windows 10.5.7, deleting unused tags is a pain in the butt. First you have to open the Tags list in a separate list. Why can't I just right click on a tag and get the same menu that I do when I click on the three little dots next to the tag in the separate tag list? Then, in the separate tag list, after clicking the three little dots and clicking delete, and after clicking Delete in the confirmation window, I get an error screen. Then if I click reload page it takes me back to the full Evernote window. I would expect it to take me back to the view with the expanded tag lis
  2. I'm shocked that in 2020: a) this thread doesn't have a resolution ; and b) for three years no one has had this issue. Did I miss out? How do you associate two emails with one Evernote account. After reading all the workarounds, they are, in a word, lame. When is this basic capability going to be included in Evernote?
  3. Hello, I am a Windows 7 user as well and have the same challenges as brahmdup. I want alphabetical sort in normal order and have to set the list sort drop down to this each and every time I start evernote. The default on startup is always "Notes by Created" and "Reverse Sort Order". Is this a cookie saving or registry writing problem? I try to keep things locked down as tight as possible and am running Norton Security Suite. How would I verify that the settings are accurately being saved in the Registry (or not!)?
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