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  1. Thank you for your response. It is not exactly what I am looking for. I enabled 'Quick notes' on my Android mobile and want to disable it. The solution you have given I hope is for Evernote and not Microsoft OneNote.
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply, DTLow. I was travelling & didn't get any notification abount your resonse. I enabled quick note option on ANDROID mobile currently running "Marshmallow" version
  3. I enabled quick notes option in 'explore evernote' . I did not find it very useful as I need to edit it to save the note to the required notebook as well as tag them. This for me defeats the purpose of creating the note. Instead I find opening a new note qyick enough. How do I disable this feature? I do not find any option to do so. I have searched the forum but can't any answer. Please let me know if it can be done. Thank you
  4. I downloaded Evernote2Onenote today to export some of my notes to one note On downloading from sourceforge.net, my Av program "360 Total security" gives an error message "File contains a Trojan Virus. It has been Quarantined" - Risks: Trojan (HEUR/QVM03.0.Malware.Gen). Is the source/ file reliable ? Then I can treat this as a false alarm and accept the file for my work. Please advise. Thank you
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