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  1. I am very new to Evernote so am by no means an expert. However, on this topic of thumbnails not appearing, I find that unless I have copied the picture with the 'snip' feature or 'take a screenshot' feature (I am working on a widows laptop) the photo does not appear in the thumbnails, although it does appear in the note itself. That is to say if I use 'copy image' it will not appear in notes. Very annoying
  2. Thank you! This post got me to where I needed to be! Wasn't obvious.....
  3. Ah yes, hadn't occurred to me to mention the platform I was using - in this instance I was working on my Windows desktop. Maybe that was part of the problem. Still, I have a workaround thanks to Gazumped!
  4. That did work! Phew. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Hi I am very new to Evernote and am just building up my database. Now I have about 60 entries I decided to try the tag search. I have 4 database items that have a tag of 'Berry' (amongst other tags). When I click on Tags in the left hand menu Berry is shown with (4) after it. However, when I click on the tag I get a message saying 'no notes found'. I get the same result if I type Berry into the search box. What am I doing wrong?!
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