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  1. So - I tried the steps you said above and rebuilt the database by logging out, moving the Evernote file to the desktop and logging back in. Evernote rebuilt the database for me - it is exactly the same, with the same thumbnail images missing from the snippets. However, I was playing around with the view options and found that when in snippet view, snippet 55 shows no thumbnail image (although it has an image in its note) and snippet 56 shows its thumbnail correctly. When viewed in 'Thumbnail view' the thumbnail relating to note 55 is empty, but its image is showing in thumbnail 56! Whe
  2. According to my emails I have had a reply from a member called Hartog, but I'm not seeing this in this thread. Unsure why? They said this: Although permissions and Notes proxy could have something to do with the problem, the likely cause, especially since not everyone in the environment has issues, would be something on the local desktop. I wonder if they would care to elaborate on this? If it was something on my local desktop, why would only a few of the thumbnails not show? And what sort of issue with my desktop could cause this intermittent fault? I also dont know anything
  3. Hi Gazumphed - is rebuilding thumbnail index only available to premium subscribers, as it isn't showing in my extended menu list (unless it's called something weird)! It's been at least two weeks since the last of the notes were created, and some were even last month (as I ran out of data), and still missing thumbnails. I wondered if it might be that the file is not a supported type, but all images were taken from Google search with 'copy image' and pasted directly into the note, or sometimes pasted into Serif Photoplus and resized or cropped. These were exported as png files before importi
  4. Thank you so much for the reply. That is very useful information. I had noticed that, if I had more than one image in the note, it seemed to pick an image for the snippet at random, which is OK with me - it doesnt matter which one is chosen luckily. I am finding that some of the snippets are not showing an image at all, even though there is an image in the note, which is roughly the same size and in the same place (top left) of the note in all of my notes. I dont understand why some snippets show the image and some don't. I made some appear by moving the image down two or three lin
  5. Hi - I have a notebook with stamps and dies for crafting. Each note has an image which is showing correctly in the note and, in most cases, also in the list of notes (not sure what to call this area - are they snippets?). If I move the image within the note slightly down, this sometimes results in the image showing in the snippet, but not always. Is there a reason some images show and others do not. It doesnt seem to be related to image size as I have them all roughly the same. I am using Evernote on a Windows laptop and iPhone. Thank you.
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