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  1. Just wanted to update that I received a response from Mailbutler, they will be updating their macOS Mail Evernote Exporter for Catalina probably by next week. Thanks for the update Ian.
  2. Thanks for the tip DTLow, I hadn't thought about AppleScript.
  3. Was disappointed that the "basic" Safari 13 clipper wasn't able to be released last week, but at least I've spent some time navigating the web without it to know that I'll be leaving Evernote behind probably when my subscription comes due next fall (already set a reminder to cancel since Evernote didn't notify me that my renewal was approaching this year and billed without a confirmation email like in the past). 64 bit has been on the landscape for probably 10 years plus now, and the prevailing thought was that Catalina might be released around the time of iOS 13 at the end of September. That Evernote was woefully ill prepared for the launch of Safari 13 due to security enhancements I guess, says a lot about the state of Evernote support on the Mac. Been using Evernote since the beginning on the Mac, and things seem to be getting worse lately. Mac app seems slow, bloated and crufty since the focus on Evernote for Biz. Not really sure what the focus of Evernote is now, since I'm not sure that the Biz direction worked out. Speaking of feature parity between Win/Mac, why hasn't Evernote brought a direct plug-in to the Apple Mail app? Outlook on Windows (I think web Gmail has this too) has had it for years now. A third party, Mailbutler was able to do this brilliantly, but with Catalina and Mail 13, the plug-in has been disabled and probably isn't actively being supported by Mailbutler since it is no longer part of their subscription model. They did have the kindness to make the Mail plug-in available for free for Mac Mail users...always wanted Evernote to offer a Mail plug-in, but wasn't necessary with Mailbutler doing so. Thought maybe Evernote could buy the plug-in tech from Mailbutler, since the emailing forwarding to Evernote has always seemed crappy and lazy to me. Think I'll be looking at Joplin app (https://joplinapp.org) to preserve my Evernote data going forward.
  4. Thanks Ian, appreciate you taking ownership and getting involved...looking forward to the return of the clipper even in a basic form, hopefully with a simplified clip format.
  5. Just wanted to add that I'm a direct download user of Evernote and hope that the Web Clipper is made available as a direct download (thanks for bringing this point up woodelph) without the need of changing to the Mac App Store version of Evernote...it could be just a standalone extension on the App Store which would be fine, just don't want to change the version of Evernote I use, reflecting the points made by PinkElephant. Many apps seems to have Safari 13 compatible versions of their extensions already available, including Bear (solely an App Store app though) so not everyone was caught off guard by Safari 13 dropping. And Penultimate not being ready for iPadOS shows further issues with the product development cycle at Evernote.
  6. Just wanted to thank PinkElephant and Shane for their responses, just hoping that the update to the Web Clipper will be arriving soon. And thanks Shane for the clarification about the community announcements, I haven't used the forums in a while. And the update about the merge you did. Appreciate it. PinkElephant thanks for the tip about saving a PDF, currently I've been using Pocket to save from Safari more to weed out the content going into Evernote. But luckily I'd haven't done the Safari 13 update on my Mini, just on my MBP.
  7. Just wanted to express my disappointment that Evernote wasn’t prepared for this Extension change in Safari 13, it’s been evident in Safari Technology Preview for a few months now. Thinking probably back to at least July 2019 or the first betas of macOS 10.15. Really amazes how Evernote drops the ball on these well documented changes. Also, kind of pissed that Evernote didn’t bother to alert me of my renewal on September 11th, most companies send out an email alert maybe a month prior to the renewal occurring. Seems kind of shady by Evernote…and it may well be my last year with you, just a bloated slow app now. Looking at Keep It, Joplin, or maybe something like Bear since Evernote seems mired in a slow update/improvement cycle on macOS. Why are comments closed or not available on the Community Announcement about Safari 13 and the Web Clipper issue post by Shane D? Seems shady too. Been with Evernote since the beginning, but seeing fewer and fewer reasons to stay,
  8. Jackolicious, i'm having the upgrade from beta 6 to 7 issue as well, would like to PM you my Activity Log, but not sure how to...
  9. Will future updates to the Evernote extension automatically install if we have Safari set up to automatically install extension updates? Thanks, Tim
  10. Given the time Evernote has had to create an extension for Safari makes this particularly frustrating. I simply updated to Safari 5.1, not Lion, and Evernote has lost its ease of use for me. Agile with 1Password was ready.
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