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  1. I can't guarantee it *will work*, but can guarantee it *won't work* without uninstalling v.10 first. Every time I've done it it takes about 10 minutes to resync my 18,000+ notes.
  2. I'm not sure if this helps, but you have to uninstall the current version first. It's worked multiple times on my Galaxy S10.
  3. You are a lifesaver! I've been a Premium user for close to 10 years, and the last few months have been hell. Nothing would save on my Galaxy S10, but I could read anything synced with my Windows 10 laptop. I starting saving web-generated stuff to SimpleNote, then clicking on them from the laptop and saving to Evernote. Your suggestion worked. I had to uninstall the latest version first, then was able to install the version you linked to. Thanks!
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