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  1. I would also pipe in that I do NOT like this " feature". I take all kinds of technical notes with weird combinations of characters. I was just trying to add a note the needed ":p" (linux shell command option) and the EN app kept trying to convert it to some kind of block icon or something. Pissed away 1/2 hr or so before figuring out a way around it. Totally productivity killer.
  2. Thanks for the topic push! (BMXer_V, hit the upvote button please [top left].)This issue still annoys and messes me up ever time I make a note! Keep pushing people. Changing code in software (back to what it was) is really hard when you're a professional programmer...
  3. Looks like you're correct regarding the * being ignored. I used to use the filename: to search out by extension so they must have changed it at some point (haven't used it for probably >1yr). The server load argument (from them not you!) is a little weak; every linux, programming language, and editor, can pretty much do regular expressions and the algorithm(s) have been optimized for decades so they usually lightening fast... I would assume the vast majority of users don't use the web interface so the load would be on their device anyway and not EN servers.
  4. Regarding Dave-in-Decatur's hack (thanks!), I've found that just doubling up on the character suppresses the auto-formatting , then enter your space, then your text. Works and might be a little quicker and it's still almost the same as what we're used to (although I don't want to HAVE to do this!) Example: ** how is this -- You got me Yes, this issue is a major PITA and should absolutely be disableable. Let me dream...could we be allowed to program the tab spacing??? Android 8.6.1
  5. Thanks everyone! With your advice I think I got the .bin search mostly working by using: *.bin resource:application/octet-stream Without the *.bin at the beginning it seems to find other notes with .exe, .ini, and .jpg's (I guess they look like binary streams). Those get filtered out by adding the *.bin string. So I'm guessing the filename:<string> has been deprecated, or maybe it's just another "feature" that quietly disappeared...
  6. I commonly have used EN for years to store various file attachments with my notes such as the common .doc or .txt, but I also use others like .bin, .hex, etc. I used to be able to search for filename:"*.bin" to find the.bin files, for example. Apparently (according to my notes on this issue) I've also been successful using "(.bin)" in the past . Now none of these options seems to work for me on Win7, Web, or Android. Can someone please enlighten me as to what the trick is to perform this action?
  7. Yes! I find this a constant annoyance. If you have short notes it's no big deal but the longer your note is the bigger pain/waste of time it is.
  8. Yes, please add this function. I would find it very useful as I take field notes and have to do this manually all the time. BTW, I only need a date string not the time (but putting date & time would be better than nothing as time could be easily backspaced/delete the un-needed portion). Ideally the user could configure the default string to their liking.
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