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  1. I would also pipe in that I do NOT like this " feature". I take all kinds of technical notes with weird combinations of characters. I was just trying to add a note the needed ":p" (linux shell command option) and the EN app kept trying to convert it to some kind of block icon or something. Pissed away 1/2 hr or so before figuring out a way around it. Totally productivity killer.
  2. Thanks for the topic push! (BMXer_V, hit the upvote button please [top left].)This issue still annoys and messes me up ever time I make a note! Keep pushing people. Changing code in software (back to what it was) is really hard when you're a professional programmer...
  3. Looks like you're correct regarding the * being ignored. I used to use the filename: to search out by extension so they must have changed it at some point (haven't used it for probably >1yr). The server load argument (from them not you!) is a little weak; every linux, programming language, and editor, can pretty much do regular expressions and the algorithm(s) have been optimized for decades so they usually lightening fast... I would assume the vast majority of users don't use the web interface so the load would be on their device anyway and not EN servers.
  4. Regarding Dave-in-Decatur's hack (thanks!), I've found that just doubling up on the character suppresses the auto-formatting , then enter your space, then your text. Works and might be a little quicker and it's still almost the same as what we're used to (although I don't want to HAVE to do this!) Example: ** how is this -- You got me Yes, this issue is a major PITA and should absolutely be disableable. Let me dream...could we be allowed to program the tab spacing??? Android 8.6.1
  5. Thanks everyone! With your advice I think I got the .bin search mostly working by using: *.bin resource:application/octet-stream Without the *.bin at the beginning it seems to find other notes with .exe, .ini, and .jpg's (I guess they look like binary streams). Those get filtered out by adding the *.bin string. So I'm guessing the filename:<string> has been deprecated, or maybe it's just another "feature" that quietly disappeared...
  6. I commonly have used EN for years to store various file attachments with my notes such as the common .doc or .txt, but I also use others like .bin, .hex, etc. I used to be able to search for filename:"*.bin" to find the.bin files, for example. Apparently (according to my notes on this issue) I've also been successful using "(.bin)" in the past . Now none of these options seems to work for me on Win7, Web, or Android. Can someone please enlighten me as to what the trick is to perform this action?
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