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  1. I just received this email reply for Evernote Support. I clicked on the Devices link (which I've disabled in copying the reply) and saw my phone and TWO MacBook Pros listed. I've revoked access and am no longer locked out. Not sure I understand what happened. When I attempted this step yesterday it showed web access as a third device and although I revoked it, I was still locked out. Got to say I'm happy with the turnaround from my request for support and their ability to help me solve my problem. Hi Vita, Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. I understand that you a
  2. I'm glad I found this forum so I know it's not just me. Same issue here - switched account from old mac to new mac. Kept it on my phone. I kept getting the box to either unsync or upgrade and got locked out trying to figure out what the problem was. Not sure how, but I managed to get in once and see that it counted web access as a third sync. How stupid is that? I'm pretty sure I only went on the web link because I was instructed to log on that way. After unsyncing web access I'm still locked out. Feels like a they're using hostage taking of your notes to force you to upgrade.
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