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  1. @Shane D. I like the new Home feature release if the rest of the Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition s1100 scanner would work with the new release for Mac OS X High Sierra. I've been a paid premium customer for 10 plus years because Evernote has always supported the ScanSnap Evernote Edition s1100 scanner. At the end of the day...Evernote is a document repository and in order to go paperless, a physical scanner performance is far superior than using a camera phone when you have tons of documents on a monthly basis from our snail mail. Please fix the major issue of incompatibility of evernote and scansnap s1100 scanner so we can all continue to scan our docs directly into evernote without having to follow the crazy long re-install of the scanner app from fujitsu website. As a paid premium user, I'd expect the integration should be seamless between evernote and fujitsu. User should not have to waste our time fixing these incompatibility and bug fixes. And one more request, please make major announcement when a scanner app is no longer incompatible. Don't stay silent and let the user figure it out when it is too late after we've installed the updated evernote app then finding out everything breaks and it is filled with tons of bugs and incompatibility. Very frustrating.
  2. Agree, with all of the other services like YouTube, Spotify, etc all have family plan. Evernote need to catch up to modern times and offer a family plan as well. Evernote please add a family plan option #familyplan #evernotefamilyplan
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