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  1. I've posted a request for family-plan premium pricing. It's located here in case anyone would like to vote on it (hopefully, I posted it correctly): Home>Forums>Product Feedback/Feature Requests>General Feature Requests>Family Premium Plan request Family Premium Plan request Family Premium Plan Request John
  2. Good Day, I'm a longtime Evernote user who currently pays for multiple family member premium plans. It is an exorbitant price to pay each year, even with Evernote's sizable productivity benefits. Please consider launching a Family Premium Plan in the near future! Thank you for your consideration. John
  3. I've seen numerous other native applications replaced by web technology and rarely has it been a better experience, but I appreciate the clarifications on Electron, I'm not partial to the backend technology for Evernote as the user experience is key. Bullet proof synchronization and search (which has been lacking for me for years) are important to me. I've complained (mostly to myself) over many technical and definitely financial issues with Evernote, but I have to admit that not only is my life (both personal and professional) in Evernote, but I've introduced and annually pay for the application for my wife and my children. My eldest daughter started using it in elementary school and it's become a core part of her technical workflow as she heads into college. Even my non-technical wife and her mother use it regularly. I can say that no other application has provided this kind of utility over the years. I'm hoping that my use case (core features, not dependent on intricate tagging and organization) puts me in decent stead during the move to the new framework. I will say that it behooves Evernote to revisit their pricing structure though. Where is a family premium plan? Thanks, all, for your input. I hope Evernote lives on to meet each of your needs.
  4. Well, I have to say mine was a knee-jerk post after waiting years for some signs of improvements to various shortfalls in the application and observing the company's various restructurings. Scanning through the forums now though, I'm concerned about a number of issue reports, primarily the move towards becoming a web app. and the synchronization changes. My first few minutes, though, have been much better than I would have expected. I haven't tested thoroughly by any measure and hope the legacy version remains functional for the foreseeable future (just in case). I do believe that an overhaul was necessary and long overdue, I just haven't been involved in the design or feedback of the re-work and can't comment on the actual design direction taken. I can say Evernote is pretty awful about providing specifics with version releases and I've yet to learn anything of use from one of their release notes). Time will tell I guess. John
  5. I've been using Evernote consistently for at least 11 years now. The version 10 release is a long overdue change and appears to be finally moving again in a positive direction. I''m sure given how many users and their individual behaviors the product supports, you will not be able to please everyone Day One, and I completely expect to find issues as it becomes my everyday driver, but I absolutely think this type of overhaul was required. Very stale Evernote (along with it's exorbitant recent price scheme) was being threatened by irrelevancy. I hope that you commit to this version and further improvements and that the community gives you the opportunity to do so. John
  6. My apologies if my concern has been discussed previously in this thread - it's quite extensive and I don't wish to read through it in its entirety. My concern is not one of privacy - I think most of us techie types have already sold much of our souls to one or another of our corporate overlords. Of the big three, I have to say that I trust Google slightly more than its counterparts. What irks me is the recent price increase now being coupled with offloaded server responsibilities. I do think that Evernote is now overpriced for Premium and don't get me wrong, I love the product. But unless the cost savings (all future enhancement platform-ready speak aside) are past back to the users, I see this as another shot taken at its users' expense - many of us being longtime Premium subscribers. JC
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