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  1. Thanks for the detailed comment @gazumped. Your point about too many links is valid. I found this post on Ness Labs to be very applicable - https://nesslabs.com/how-to-choose-the-right-note-taking-app I enjoy the linking to connect ideas in a more natural way. I look back at some of my efforts in using mindmaps for this in the past (back in 2008 or so...) and ending up with dozens of maps with clunky processes for creating backlinks. Roam makes it much easier. Thanks again!
  2. Came here to voice my support for backlinking on Evernote. I have been using Roam for over a month now and that capability is INCREDIBLE in the context of linking new ideas together. IMHO, Evernote with good backlinking support would be a MUCH superior product to Roam, since Evernote already has APIs, good client-side apps, etc... As it stands now, I'm leaning towards reducing my usage of Evernote for more 'free form' notes based on how seamless Roam is. Will I drop Evernote altogether? Not likely, but I really hope the company recognizes the threat from a new company and doesn't rest on its laurels.
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