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  1. Agreed -- Electron seems to be pretty solid. I don't get all the hate on the internet about it. Slack uses Electron, which I've used for years now (multiple workspaces, too), and it's been great over 99% of the time (and when it has been down or not working properly, I don't believe it had anything to do with Electron specifically). Also, Visual Studio Code uses Electron, which is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) code editor these days.
  2. I like that idea very much! Thank you @gazumped!
  3. Thanks for the response. Yeah, I figured. I've been attaching files created in Typora to notes in EN, and the fact that EN can search inside them is awesome; just would be cool to be able to view that data, highlighted, on the actual EN note. Again, it's probably not an easy thing to do from a dev standpoint, but at the same time, I wonder how difficult it would be since (I believe) many tools that have syntax highlighting are pulling in a library/framework and not building the feature organically.
  4. Hey Gang, Does anyone think code syntax highlighting will be a thing in the upcoming series of changes/releases? I imagine it's not an easy lift, nor would it be high up on the list as far as priorities for the dev team, though it's been an often-requested feature over the years. If I remember correctly, it was actually a thing for a short time, then it was just gone. Maybe having it in place was breaking other things at the time? Anyway, just curious what you all think. Thanks!
  5. @DTLow, interested in your use of Typora as a supplement to Evernote for programming notes. How do you go about referencing content (via Evernote search) in your attached files you create in Typora? Tagging? Good naming of your .md files (or whatever extension you may use)? Summary of the file's contents in the EN note? Something else?
  6. Not that this is a new idea, but a recent new kid on the block in note-taking apps has it at one of their killer features. It got me wondering -- does anyone here think Evernote may add bi-directional linking somewhere down the line?
  7. Hey Gang, I'm curious about my fellow devs who use Evernote -- do you also use EN's code snippet functionality for when you're taking notes on something like an online programming course, or do you use something else entirely?
  8. Nevertheless, he persisted. You mean all the way from back when it had at least some relevance? Yes. Those were good times.
  9. Don't forget your opinions about Evernote - most of us don't care about those at this point, either.
  10. Yes, you are truly doing the lord's work here - thank you for everything. 🙄
  11. An eloquent assumption; inaccurate, but eloquent. Learning from our mistakes, taking loss prevention measures...all great, necessary, etc. However, I think you're missing the point (and you seem like a smart person, so I'd further suggest that you're doing it intentionally so you can continue trolling), which is bringing a tragedy like 9/11 into a note-taking app's forum discussion about folder hierarchies vs. tags, which is both absurb given this environment, and insensitive - especially in wording such as "ready for the building to get nuked and fall over" - to anyone closely tied to the event that may be searching through this forum for answers about the system they use for organizing their content. As you continue your crusade to fit a square peg in a round hole, please take the examples and inconsiderate comments about world events elsewhere.
  12. Same. I've tried all the others listed w/the exception of Notebooks.app, and this post has saved me from going down the rabbit hole with that. Couple things I'll add: - OneNote: I agree that the Mac version is pretty bad, though it's gotten better over time. Beside the Mac experience being completely different from the PC version and being very limited as far as features in comparison, I've been burned a few times over the years. I've been locked out of my notes twice simply from trying to get the email-to feature working. Not as a security issue, but as the result of my account actually breaking. Sudden formatting issues (across all notes), a corrupted notebook, etc. FWIW, the OneNote web clipper Chrome extension is nice and clean, easy to use. - Bear: it's a gorgeous app and runs with no problems for me, and I like that it supports markdown, but Evernote's OCR (none in Bear) and web clipper are things I use all the time -- big part of my workflow. Bear has a web clipper, but it's very limited at the moment. Bear has a much better code formatting feature than Evernote, though, which is hard to let go.
  13. Can we not shut this thread down at this point? Things have gone from pointless to obnoxious, and now it's reached tasteless, throwing 9/11 in as an example of airtight IT disaster recovery practices.
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