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  1. Thank you for the tip. I logged out of the app on my phone and back in. It did some database update but didn't fix the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Gave the usual "updating your database" message. Still having the same problem. FWIW, it seems like it might be an issues with the Notes widget. I can't even start a new note from the three dots or new not icon right to the left of it. Just from the "+ New" big green icon at bottom middle screen. What do you recommend doing next? Others on this thread, are you still having the problem, or have you found a solution?
  2. I have the same problem. Paid user too so no benefit there. Using EN 10.16 on Android 10 on a moto g play. Don't know if it's been since Feb, but it's been the better part of this year that I can't create a note. Can start one and enter title and content, but the check box remains gray so I can't save. Sucks. About ready to save my notes and ditch Evernote. I have an email into the developer so we'll see.
  3. I love reminders and know how to do them via email but I can't find hot to do them in the Windows desktop client. I have a note I'm creating (or already created) and want to add a reminder. Can't see anything that looks like an alarm clock icon like the Mac interface has. I've looked in the menus, had the note open and closed (highlighted), etc. No luck. Please advise. Thanks! For context, I'm using the classic Windows client (because, and I've posted about this, the new client is completely impractical for how I use Evernote...so I hope the answer isn't "Use the new client to get reminder support").
  4. Agreed! I guess I don't care if they have this new web interface as long as they keep the traditional one, and maintain it. It still has some "bugs", by which I mean functionality that's different form the desktop client, but it's at least pretty close. One of the beauties of evernote is having notes, actions, references where you need them when you need them, and not having to search around for stuff. Changing the web interface to look different from the desktop client negates that benefit. Here's my use case. I work on a lot of different machines, some VDIs, and some where my employer doesn't let me install Evernote. In order to keep a productive workflow, I need my notes on whatever machine I'm working on, and looking the same way. So as long as there's a web interface that looks and operates like the desktop, I'm happy. If that ever goes away, I'm definitely cutting my losses and getting rid of Evernote. PLEEEEEASE never lose this functionality. Thanks!
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