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  1. Thanks! I agree that the above method works. But as you mentioned, it is counter intuitive. You have to click a picture then press enter before you type. If you click a picture then type, you will delete the picture. This is why I place my topic in the new feature request part of the forum. We also need a cursor to show where I am inputting. Thanks again for the quick response. Believe it or not, I opened a ticket about this, it is already several days and several emails back and forth, the agent has not tried what I said yet. They keep asking me to update the V10 and send log send video. This kind of support of evernote seem match the bad quality of the new version V10. It seems like the users owe evernote, owe them money and time, we need to take a lot of effort to learn the v10 etc and even more time with the custom support team.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong. Can you do the following in evernote V10? 1. I want to paste two pictures in a note, so Win+Shift+S to clip part of the screen, then paste Ctrl+V to evernote. 2. repeat the above so you have two pictures in the note. 3. Now I notice that the second picture stay very close to each other or even at the same line. 4. I want to add "enter" or type in some text between the two pictures. On Step 4, seems like there is no indication where the cursor is for me to type in, I do try to click somewhere between the two pictrues, then type, it end up delete one of the picture. So feature request: I want to be able to insert text or enter between two pictrues, I want a cursor to blink when I click between picture to show me where I am tying in.
  3. yes that is a solution for now. wondering what am I doing, upgrade to v10 then use it one day to trouble myself, then go back to old version. It is really bad user experience. If things do not get as good as before, I won't renew my annual fees. Thanks for help!
  4. sounds like they have a new manager don't know that he/she is doing. I never need to go to forums for any help using evernote before! Now with the new version, I get lost and have to go to here for issues the new version made. This is OK for free software, but not for paid one if evernote want to really earn money in the future.
  5. But again, it seems to be hard for me to select multiple pictures when they are close together, and there is no good indication if the pictures are selected or not.
  6. well, it seem to break the pictures close together, say add an "enter" or new line of text, you will need to move the cursor or click the first picture and press enter to enter an new line. But it is not straight forward to use, it takes me one day to figure this out. There should be a clear cursor/pointer blinking between close pictures to indicate where is the input.
  7. It is a surprise to me how the new version of evernote v10 is so bad in quality compared to the old version. If I want to make a note with pictures and text, say I screen clip and paste three picture. Then the pictures will be close together if not in the same line. It happens to be no way to insert text between pictures. I tried use mouse, keyboard arrow, no way to insert any text between pictures. Basically you will always end up select the picture and delete it when you type in. There is also no way to select all the pictures together with text using mouse. To repeat the problem: 1. press win+shift+s to clip part of the screen to clipboard, repeat three times for three pictures. Then try to insert text between pictures. 2. try to copy all the material in the note using mouse, it won't let you select.
  8. The list of above problems is what I have found also! I just used the v10 for hours, then comes to many problem, I doubt why they release the new version so bad. In the old version if one note opens at both my phone and my computer, they sync pretty well. Unless you edit the note at the same time on both devices, evernote usually does not generate conflict. The new version does not handle this well.
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