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  1. Maybe the time has come. I have synced after adding a note (with 2 attachments) using legacy desktop app but couldn't find that note on the web 😠
  2. Because currently legacy is the only version that runs flawlessly!
  3. Because legacy version is much better than the new one, and as far as I'm concerned, it's currently the only way to keep on using EN.
  4. Reading your post might give the impression that I'm the only one who's complaining here... Just read all the posts and tell me how many users complain? Tell me also how many users say they're going somewhere else, just looking for the best place to go. That's exactly what I'm doing! The fact that I failed once doesn't mean I have to fail again... Btw, I don't need any extra features. I need a very simple application that works flawlessly!! If EN would continue to support Legacy, just as it is now, that would be all I need!
  5. Every new post I read makes me understand that the sooner I run away - the better...
  6. I'm not sure yet. I have thousands of files, so I'm considering Google Drive, but nothing (except leaving EN) has been decided yet.
  7. I'm not sure because I've deleted Evernote 10 after all these problems and moved to Legacy. Anyway, no search string was filled in before. All notes were displayed, I've selected a certain tag which had more than 500 notes and only 17 were displayed. And every extra trial a different number of notes were displayed, but never the right one... During the years I spent thousands of hours inserting "all my life" into EN, feeling I found exactly the perfect application - just what I needed!! Like others, I've recommended EN to my family, friends etc. Completely trusted EN. No more. I gave up. Looking for an alternative. Bye Bye EN.
  8. OR you choose a certain tag which has more than 500 notes, but only 17 are displayed 😞
  9. Are they? My impression is they're busy developing new features...
  10. Unbelieveable!! I envy JV16 users 😳
  11. Here's one example (windows) One of my tags has 591 notes. The new version displays 17 (and each extra attempt displays a different number of notes but never the right one 😞)
  12. Thank you gazumped for your help and kindness. Much appreciated 😊
  13. Btw, when I open my mail and try to open a PDF attachment, it opens very quickly... I'm not sure the file is downloaded.
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