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  1. That makes sense... I guess my question is fully answered now Thanks again.
  2. Thank you dconnet and jefito for your quick answers. Much appreciated Oded.
  3. I tried the following: 1.changed my .exb file's properties to "read only" 2. opened my desktop application and added new records 3. made some changes in existing notes. Although the .exb file was set to "read only" I've got no error message. Only when I tried to sync, it failed. So my question is: When is the .exb file updated? I thought it's being updated immediately after changes are made, but now I realize I was wrong. If the .exb file is being updated only during sync, where are all the changes I've made kept until I sync? btw, I have no local folders at all... Thank yo
  4. I didn't say it helped I just said a "Thank you" In fact I wrote support and they are now trying to figure out what the problem is... Thanks again Dave Oded.
  5. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote. It didn't help I get the same error... Thanks anyway, Dave.
  6. Thank you DTLow I hope some Android user will help...
  7. Of course I have WORD installed! I have no problems opening and editing other WORD documents. Please note that the error message doesn't say anything about editing the document. It says " No application found to open this attachment." But like I've said this document is opened flawlessly when I say I just want to view it... Thank you! Best regards, Oded.
  8. I have a new Lenovo Tab 4 running Android 7.1.1. I try to open a Word attachment from one of my notes. Evernote asks me if I want to view or edit the attachment. When I click View the document opens and everything runs flawlessly. However when I ckick Edit I get the error message " No application found to open this attachment." How come? Editing Word attachments is very important for me... Can anyone help me please? Thank you! Oded.
  9. Regarding my "view as attachment" 'not greyed' option, as far as I remember it has always been like that... Thanks again, Oded.
  10. Right, I've posted in Windows Desktop help because that's exactly what I'm using! The option "view as attachment" is definitely not greyed out in the right click menu. (at least in my desktop application...) Once I check it the jpg file shows as attachment. Once I uncheck it the whole picture is displayed... I'm looking for a way to automatically view all my jpg files (in fact all my files) as attachments, and be fully displayed only by doubleclicking. Thank you for your answer, Oded.
  11. When I drag files into a note I want to view all of them (regardless the file type) as attachments. This works flawlessly with PDF files but not with JPG. Every time I drag a JPG file I have to right-click on it and mark "View as attachments." I have also marked Options/Note/Note view options/"allow images displayed as attachments" but it doesn't help This is very annoying... Can someone help please? Thank you, Oded.
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