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  1. Unbelieveable!! I envy JV16 users 😳
  2. Here's one example (windows) One of my tags has 591 notes. The new version displays 17 (and each extra attempt displays a different number of notes but never the right one 😞)
  3. Thank you gazumped for your help and kindness. Much appreciated 😊
  4. Btw, when I open my mail and try to open a PDF attachment, it opens very quickly... I'm not sure the file is downloaded.
  5. Sorry, post interrupted... However, what about docx attachments? Are docx attachments downloaded? I have no problem viewing docx attachments. Anyway, PDF attachments show as icons on my device too. When I click on the icon I'm asked if I want to view or edit the attachment. If I choose "view" nothing happens. If I choose "edit" I get an error "no application found to open this attachment" How can I download the attachment?
  6. No, I didn't know that PDF attachments are not downloaded to mobiles by default.
  7. Thank you, but I had the very same problem with older Android versions too. Submitted a support ticket one year ago. They apologized and asked me to wait until this issue is handled. I'm still waiting...
  8. I think it will take years until the new version will be truly comparable with Legacy (if at all...)
  9. Another problem I'm having is with my Android 10 device. I can't view PDF attachments 😞 Support don't seem to help...
  10. Leaving is not so simple. I have thousands of notes with more than 15,000 attachments. After recovering from v10 shock I've installed legacy which runs ok. Can't even think about the day I'll have to install v10. No way!!
  11. The new version is very very slow for me and most of the time freezes! I've written support (i have a premium account) but they say answer may take 10 or more days! I need to downgrade to previous version asap!! How can this be done? Thanks for any help. Oded.
  12. That makes sense... I guess my question is fully answered now Thanks again.
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