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  1. I too am so frustrated. I need easier access to tags and it needs to be placed more prominent. I hate that they have tags at the bottom. Two things I do with every note is to assign it to a notebook and give it a tag. Why wouldn't they be next to each other like before? Scanning needs to be fixed. I need to be able to scan all sorts of items into my notes. I do this so much, that if I cannot scan, I don't even know how I can continue to use Evernote.
  2. I am really unhappy to find that the new version of Evernote does not allow me to scan directly into my Evernote. I use this feature all the time, and need it back! Also, I can no longer sort by tag, I can only filter. I don't want to filter, I want all my notes sorted by tag. I use this feature all the time. I also don't like how tags are at the bottom of the notes, as tags are a very important part of my organization and need to be more prominent.
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