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  1. ok, thanks, Mike. I guess chrome hid my web clipper during the last update. I just found it and pinned it and, of course, it works fine. Susanna
  2. thanks but it's not the case on the mac version and when I look at the note info the url field is blank.
  3. I see that I now have a grey elephant (instead of a green one) and a white elephant in a black circle on my chrome toolbar. Both of them bring up a place to enter a quick note and then both have icons along the bottom or top for screen capture, capture window and capture selection. If I choose capture selection I get the standard mac version of crosshairs and the coordinates of the crosshairs on the screen. In other words, I get a simple screenshot with no link to the web page. The web clipper description on the help page still refers to saving web pages, articles and pdfs. I hope the old functionality will soon be restored.
  4. I just discovered this problem and since this is the main way I add files to evernote it is critical that there still be a way to easily add multiple files as separate notes.
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