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  1. I went back to the legacy version as well. One upside in all this mess is that I've come to appreciate how great of a software product the old Evernote was. I just hope that they didn't fire most of their senior Windows and Mac developers and replaced them with mediocre Javascript/Typescript developers based on the assumption that a single code base + a bunch of can-do spirited, younger, and self-proclaimed full-stack developers, armed with Electron, would eventually build a better product that evolves a lot faster. The problem with this line of thinking, which I believe might have been a
  2. Thanks for the reply! This doesn't seem to make sense either from a user's perspective or from a technical standpoint... Electron apps can easily persist data locally using SQLite, custom file format or similar solutions... It's true that more and more web apps come out with somewhat comparable feature sets, but one of the biggest advantages of desktop applications is that they are fully functional with all data accessible even without an Internet connection. I just hope that they didn't make this move because some C-suite exec working for Evernote had made a case that getting rid of a straigh
  3. Prior to the version 10, I used to a complete backup of all notes by doing the following: Select All Notes in the sidebar > select all notes in the notes list > click on the horizontal ellipsis icon in the header > export notes This is no longer possible, as the current version lacks that ellipsis icon in the All Notes list, or the ability to easily select all notes in a list. And it even has a cap on the number of notes that can be selected at once, i.e. 50 notes at most (why?) . The ellipsis icon only shows up when a specific notebook is selected, but not when a stack or
  4. - Evernote Version Information: v 10.2.4 build 458360 public editor: v111.0.14414 service: v1.21.2 - OS Version: macOS Catalina 10.15.7(19H2) I can insert GIF files using drag and drop, but copying the same file to the system clipboard and then pasting the file causes the image to be converted to PNG. Is anyone else having this problem?
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