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  1. I thought my point was pretty clear. Without those things (and if #2 is back, I missed it), the new version is a non-starter for me. This is a thread on missing features, and I posted what I miss.
  2. So with the new release, I was hoping to see if they had restored the three features that are a must have for me, given my work flow. A flow I have been using for years, based on what Evernote could do. 1) Local Notebooks 2) Import Folder 3) Integration with my Fujitsu ScanSnap Sadly, I see none of the above. Are there new features that might be nice? Sure. But with the basic needs completely broken, it is pointless to look at the "good" stuff when the "bad" stuff has at least three deal breakers.
  3. As long as Legacy is supported, I will stick with it. But I will be looking at alternatives if that changes.
  4. I realize that. It is what made Evernote so useful. But I will go to folder and files before I put my private info on their cloud. I do not trust their security enough. Or anyone else's, for that matter. If they allowed me to encrypt notes (and not the 1/2 assed solution for text notes), then maybe. But not as it is now.
  5. Exactly. Local sync, for items I do not want in the cloud, is the main reason I stayed with Evernote for the last decade+. Without it, it becomes useless to me. About a third of my notes (over 2K of them) are local only. I will stay with the Legacy as long as it is supported, since I do love Evernote. But I will not be able to upgrade ever, if local sync is not there. I will have to go with a totally different solution, even though my whole workflow revolves around Evernote.
  6. I'm not sure what the people in charge were smoking when they decided on the feature set, but to say this new version is a disaster for me would be an understatement. No local notebooks is a killer, right there. And no import folders and breaking integration with my old ScanSnap? Those three things are the most used features for me. I have been using Evernote since 2009 (and paying since 2010), and this is a disaster of an upgrade. As much as I hate to do it, it is time to start looking at options. I do have some questions. I installed the new version, but stopped it when it wanted to convert my local notebooks (there are reasons why they are local). I promptly uninstalled it again and reinstalled the Legacy version. Are there any other steps I need to do to clean up? There was some discussion earlier about the double storage used when running both versions, but I am not sure if uninstalling the new one clears that up. As a software designer, it is blindingly obvious that you do not just remove major features like these. I can't imagine their thought process.
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