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  1. The search bar got weird with this Evernote 10.2.4 update. Has anyone had this same problem?
  2. Same for me too. And ctrl + E, ctrl + q also stop to work while CAPSLOCK is on.
  3. I thought this bug occurred only on large notes, but the video's note size is 379 KB. 1. Diário 2020-10-22 18-02-21.mp4
  4. The toolbar keeps disappearing. How to edit a document if the toolbar keeps disappearing?
  5. This problem also seems happened to me. The Evernote search mechanism doesn't recognize the title of the file. And this is a small note (3mb).
  6. Some of my pdfs don't show all pdf view opitions avalible.
  7. This happened to me in a table format note with several links and files with 115 mb size. However in small notes I didn't face this problem.
  8. When I search inside the note typing the word in the searching box the corresponding text inside the note is highlighted, but in the searching bar show no results,as in this image below: This makes it impossible to jump from one result to another. This bug hapened to me also in the web version.
  9. Sometimes in the new version (10.1.4) all the shorcuts stoping to work.
  10. Sometimes in the new version (10.1.4) all the shorcuts stoping to work.
  11. One of Evernote's differentials was that it had a justify alignment function, that function is no longer available. Why?
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