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  1. The classification by title does not respect the numbering of titles both within the notebooks and in the filtering by tag.
  2. For your problem, which is also one of mine, the only solution I see is to use Google drive links. It turns out that they also don't work properly. However, there is a way to get around this by turning the google drive links into normal links and then selecting the link you want to open, press edit, select the link and press open. This will bring up the drive option. Within the google drive app just choose the app of your choice to open and edit the pdf. This, however, is not a viable option because it is a lot of work just to open a pdf in evernote. It is bett
  3. How can you do that? I can't open or edit pdfs in third-party apps.
  4. I wouldn't mind not being able to use a third-party app to edit pdf if Evernote's annotation was good. But it is not. I can't zoom in on the pdf, to change the page I have to press a button on the left side and select the desired page instead of simply making a swipe gesture. Unfortunately, Evernote's PDF annotation is not practical.
  5. I think I found the cause of the bug. It's the table! When the attachment is within the table, the Evernote 10, for some strange reason, cannot identify the pdf.
  6. I organize my pdfs like this: However, when I touch in a pdf don't appear the pdf's options.
  7. One of Evernote's differentials was that it had a justify alignment function, that function is no longer available. Why?
  8. The search bar got weird with this Evernote 10.2.4 update. Has anyone had this same problem?
  9. Same for me too. And ctrl + E, ctrl + q also stop to work while CAPSLOCK is on.
  10. I thought this bug occurred only on large notes, but the video's note size is 379 KB. 1. Diário 2020-10-22 18-02-21.mp4
  11. The toolbar keeps disappearing. How to edit a document if the toolbar keeps disappearing?
  12. This problem also seems happened to me. The Evernote search mechanism doesn't recognize the title of the file. And this is a small note (3mb).
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