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  1. My tables are resizing themselves in the Evernote web and android versions. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? Screen_Recording_20210831-165729_Evernote.mp4
  2. What I reported happens often. I did some tests now and the problem doesn't seem to be with windows notifications. The focus assistant is not turned on. When I a putted the reminder without a duedate the notification appeared on windows for me. However, it didn't appear on android. Other times the reminder didn't appear on either platform.
  3. On Windows I didn't even get task reminder notification.
  4. When I add both reminder and due date at the task, I receive a reminder blank notification like this:
  5. I experienced the same situation. Some of my notebooks and notes are duplicated in Evernote 10.11 android. This has been happening to me for some time. I contacted Evernote support and they told me to uninstall the app and install it again. However, that didn't work. I hope Evernote resolves this soon.
  6. I face a lot of issues with sorting grades by title in EN 10 Android. This app doesn't seem to recognize numbers in note titles. Most of my notes have a title starting with a number. When I sort by title, EN Android sorts it like this: 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20...
  7. I don't need a keyboard to highlight text, to change the font color or to align the text. So it is illogical that the appearance of the toolbar is conditioned to the appearance of the keyboard. And the toolbar only appears along with the large keyboard. Please leave the toolbar fixed and preferably at the top of the app when the edit function is enabled.
  8. I can't use the annotate pdf function, because when trying to make highlights the touch fails, either with the finger or with Spen. In addition, I cannot delete the highlights with the spen button. I can't zoom in with the pinch gesture. I can't move the page with the gesture of sliding.
  9. Being able to use the eraser when pressing the spen button would greatly improve the usability of the sketch function.
  10. The Gdrive links have been fixed and are currently the only way to access pdfs from third-party apps on Evernote mobile. I find evernote's native pdf editor promising, but some essential tools are missing, such as the ability to scroll to the next page. In addition, the app is still very unstable mainly in the use of the pdf editor and the sketch tool. The possibility to choose between the native pdf editor and third-party app would be nice to have back.
  11. The classification by title does not respect the numbering of titles both within the notebooks and in the filtering by tag.
  12. For your problem, which is also one of mine, the only solution I see is to use Google drive links. It turns out that they also don't work properly. However, there is a way to get around this by turning the google drive links into normal links and then selecting the link you want to open, press edit, select the link and press open. This will bring up the drive option. Within the google drive app just choose the app of your choice to open and edit the pdf. This, however, is not a viable option because it is a lot of work just to open a pdf in evernote. It is better to open it directly from the google drive.
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