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  1. @PinkElephant, twice I thanked you, it seems you did not notice it. Actually, adding icons is a very tiny issue, for me important things are slow opening on a quite powerful PC & different look (changed font sizes), I wrote it already. I also used Evernote on iPhone & iPad - but mostly for reading notes, not writing them, since it is anyway far from convenient to write anything on mobile device. Basically 90% of notes are created & edited on PC. BTW, I was 95% satisfied about READING notes on mobile devices, so it was not a big problem for me that notes look differently on PC & mobile clients... Actually, now I even cannot remember even one case when I noticed a significant difference in presentation of notes on PC & mobile client.
  2. Great, but most users DO NOT use Evernote in Windows & Mac - they use it in ONE platform. So, it would be better to ask a user: "You are trying to open a note creted in a different platform; would you like me to convert this particular note to a unified format?" Instead, Evernote converted ALL your notes to something which may not nice for you. Anyway, these changed fonts etc - cannot explain me why my notes are opened so slowly with the latest version. The program became slow - and useless, so goes to Trash can.
  3. Good example of "best" SW development practice: 1. Let's modify notes so they will look similarly in Windows & MacOS (users may not like it but it does not matter). 2. Let create clients for Windows & MacOS with different features. OK, thank you very much for your answers! Staying in the Legacy. The latest version works too slow in my rather fast gaming PC. May be this is because I am not using Mac...
  4. How did you add these icons? I do not see any menu or other options to add an icon. So it is better to remove all settings, brilliant. Just because some people are so lazy to read docs. And this is called "tolerance". Regarding fonts: 1. Was it a big problem to just replace fonts instead of changing font-size too? 2. Was it a big problem to PROPOSE to a user to convert his notes to some "unified" format? BTW, many people use Evernote ONLY on Windows - they do not need this "oh, you can read your notes on Mac too!!!". I think that at least two things are critical: 1. Notes now look differently (see my example) - just because someone decided to play with fonts & font-size. 2. Notes are opened very slowly. Call it a progress if you like. My 24 years in SW development disagree.
  5. What do you mean by "add an icon"? There was no need to break the old order - which I used since 2012. This is called "Apple approach" = "we better know what a user needs". Do not see positive issues, actually. I have Gigabit connection and using not the latest but still quite powerful gaming PC. And I see a BIG difference. Just now I opened the same note (a huge table) on the new version and then in the legacy - the new version opened it within ~10 sec, the legacy - ~4 sec. Also, this note look differently in versions: 1. Legacy: 2. New: Even font size changed... Crappy. I really appreciate your reply, but I am not convinced.
  6. Since last October I have been using the legacy version. Today for testing purpose I installed the latest version, and so far: 1. Only 5 fonts are available. 2. Sorting of notebooks on the left panel is still inconvenient for me: - first notebook stacks with Cyrillic names, - next with English names, but in the legacy version the order is "first English, then Cyrillic" - and I prefer this order, and cannot change it. 3. The "Options" still not present. This is a new fashion - not letting users to customize anything. 4. Notes are opening significantly slower than in the legacy version. Well, at least now I can create a notebook inside a notebook stack... So, after ~8 months the new version is still crappy???
  7. Thanks everyone for this topic. First I was too upset because of this ***** version and thought "may be I am becoming too old for fast changing life" ))) Really, very disappointing upgrade. Had to downgrade to the old version.
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