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  1. Hi Shane, Nearly all of my images were added using the Evernote Clipper. That's the Clipper in the Menu Bar (on a Mac) not the Web Clipper. I save partial screenshots using this clipper that then they save into Evernote. On Evernote 10.4.4 these images invariably do not display now and instead just present a link to download the image that I then have to view in another app - very frustrating. On Evernote Legacy the images display inline just fine. See attached for an example of the same note in the two apps. I notice that on Evernote Legacy there is the option in Preferences/Clipper to display notes Inline or as Downloads but on Evernote 10.4.4 there aren't even any Preferences so that's not an option but perhaps it is set by default to view as attachments? Either way I urgently need my images to be viewable inline, as they always have done previously, or Evernote will have lost a fundamental basic use for me. Thanks and hoping you can fix this. Antony.
  2. I capture a lot of screenshot images with the Evernote screenshot widget. These usually display within the note in the app. After upgrading the software to the latest version (10.4.4) many of these notes are no longer displaying the images. Instead they simply show a link to download the screenshot and then load that download in another application. This is very frustrating as it has overnight destroyed my primary use of the software - to quickly capture and retrieve visual notes. I have attached an example of a note in the new Evernote and the same note in the old Evernote to illustrate the problem. this is happening across a large number of my notes, stretching back many years. How can I restore complete functionality of this app? This "upgrade" seems very much like a downgrade, removing functionality and adding limits and inconvenience. I am paying for an Evernote Premium account. I'd like it to work. It is frankly infuriating that Evernote roll out new software before it is correctly working treating us all like BETA testers.
  3. I have the same problem. I have numerous screenshot images in Evernote - all captured with the Evernote screenshot widget. They have always displayed fine in Evernote until this update (10.4.4). Now many of these screenshot notes just show a link to download the image and then view in another application. Absolutely destroying the usefulness of Evernote and removing the reason I put them in Evernote. Please restore the full functionality that I'm paying for.
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