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  1. Does anyone have an idea if they plan to lift the limit on the number of notes selected? With Legacy on MacOS, I have no problem selecting 15,000 notes and tagging all of them at once. With 10.11.5, I get an alert that I can only select 50 notes maximum.
  2. Thank you kindly, @PinkElephant!
  3. Would you be so kind as to point to a location where the terminated features are listed?
  4. Ah, this discussion has brought back such nostalgic memories for me! Here is what I wrote to Evernote in 2012: With a follow-up in 2013: So, while, in 2021, I prefer to use the Legacy version 7 for Mac rather than the latest version 10, what I really really want is a Legacy version 4, which, IMHO, was before all the bad design decisions started being made.
  5. Thank you, @gazumped! This is a huge help! I was trying to tag several hundred notes, and the restriction of doing that just 50 notes at a time was excruciating. Also, I was trying to rename notes, and it was taking over a second for each new name to appear. And finally, the renaming was based on looking at the PDF, and each PDF was slow to show up. I've now moved back to the Legacy version on Mac, and these aggravations have disappeared.
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