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  1. How can I set defaults for paragraph styles so as to NOT inherit the previous paragraph? For example, if highlighting is on, the next paragraph is highlighted by default.
  2. I am continuing to have this problem with formatting getting wiped out on notes. I don't recall simplifying the formatting. Even if I did, it would not remove everything. All my numbered lists are gone. Sometimes even spaces between words are removed. Very strange and frustrating. Additionally, I have other notes that are at a very low zoom on my iPhone, and I always have to zoom in to view them. I fear these will be next...
  3. There are some notes on my iPhone that have a tiny zoom level, where other notes are normal size. Why?
  4. That probably is what happened by accident. If that's the case, then it is much too easy to "pocket reformat" a long note on a smartphone, without some kind of advance warning. The "Simplify Format" should only be an option where at least there is an Undo. I don't know--is there a warning for reformat on iPhone?
  5. Paragraph breaks were abruptly removed from a long note while using it on iOS9, and I'm having to go through and reinsert them. What happened there!? I hope this doesn't happen again, as it is quite a chore to go back and find all the paragraph breaks. Thanks!
  6. After the last update, auto-numbering is full of bugs, and changed the numbering in some of my notes. For example, one set of numbers ends at 1030, and when I hit enter, it starts at 1, heirarchically. I am using this numbering for a book, and now have to manually re-number, using the double-period work-around.
  7. Feature request: OCR/Extract Text


    Microsoft OneNote I believe has this feature. would be very useful to convert to native text.

  8. I have been experiencing this problem for over two years, but have just learned to deal with it. That said, it is extremely annoying to have it hang when you're in the middle of typing a sentence. I've often had to resort to working in a text editor while it recovers.
  9. This morning I lost critical information during a cut/paste in a "Not Responding" crash. Someone suggested it could be a corrupted note, but that's a needle-haystack problem. Apparently there is some background operation happening either in the OS, or perhaps Evernote is reindexing. If the latter, perhaps re-indexing can be done on demand. On that note I also notice terrible latency in the search function, where the typed search word takes up to a minute to execute. Evernote has become the sick patient that screams "Not Responding!" everytime you touch it.
  10. After trying all these fixes, I am still having serious latency issues. Evernote completely locks my computer on boot-up. What is going on in the background and how can I configure it to boot more quickly? I always get "Not Responding" for sometimes as long as 20 minutes, and continues while I try to use it, sometimes locking while I am typing. The hard drive is working hard, as I can hear it. I suspect there is re-indexing going on which is taking up resources. Is there a way to schedule re-indexing? (Win7 on a laptop)
  11. I am still having this issue and I suspect it is a corrupted note or notes. Is it possible to reindex by renaming the .exb file as old and doing a full index?
  12. I am still having the same problems after the same fixes. I suspect it is the re-indexing that is going on in the background. Reindexing should be an option that can be done offline when inactive, or prompted when a search is done, e.g. "Your notebook needs reindexing..."
  13. If the hanging is due to background indexing, perhaps they should add an option in preferences to schedule reindexes when not in use, or have some type of indicator that indexing is running. "Not responding" is not useful feedback to the user.
  14. After adding new words to the dictionary, the dictionary file is not being updated. Can the dictionary be viewed or manually edited?
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