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  1. Ok, that's fair enough as a comment on their financial handlings. But it's also very clearly a speculatory opinion, especially when taken in context. It's clearly just my opinion based on my perspective of what happened with EN over the last several years. I'd be curious to hear other differing perspectives since this is what the OP is about. If you disagree with my opinion, please share!
  2. What "insider knowledge" did I express? I made no claim regarding their finances or how should have have their business.
  3. I think EN is too expensive, compared to other options, to ever make a comeback. I often wonder how things would have played out if they had not started as a (for most practical purposes) free product. If the vast majority of their users had been paying something like $10/year from the beginning, where would EN be today? I think they gave away too much at the start and are paying for it now.
  4. Yeah, for me the big price jump a few years ago moved me away from EN. I'd be very happy to pay like $15/year but not $96/year. They're essentially making the basic version a non-expiring trial version. Which is great. But $96/year means EN would have to be my most important productivity app--just as important as MS Office for example.
  5. Thanks! Also, I should point out that "simplify" and "plain text" were just added back in to evernote iOS in an update this morning. This is a fantastic, very helpful feature! However, it's not a true plain text solution because it is just formatting the text to look like plain text AND the similar "remove" and "simplify" features on other platforms are not handled exactly the same.
  6. Yeah, that is why it doesn't make sense to me. Evernote can never compete with the formatting options of other applications and Evernote's focus has always been on content (you know, your NOTES), not fancily presenting the content. All the attempts to keep text plain (by carefully pasting and regularly removing formatting) do not work well (and are tedious) because formatting seems to be handled differently on various platforms (ios, mac, windows). And then the moment you paste content in ios, things go really bad. There's probably more ways to do this, but the only way I see is for each note to have a plain text setting. So a note can be "set" to plain text. Then, from any device, pasting content into that note will always only paste the text.
  7. Yes, I have been doing every possible option available on each platform for years to try to keep formatting out of notes. It's a pain especially since certain situations make it impossible which results in previous efforts being wasted.
  8. Please, please, please allow us to set a note as plain text only--so that it stays plain text no matter what. Currently, all my notes that I format as plain text are constantly getting various formatting when edited from different platforms and from pasting content on a platform that does not have paste as plain text. I am suggesting a setting for a note that makes it plain text only (could even be a whole notebook). Thus if a note is set to plain text, you would not have to use "Paste As Plain Text" for that note and editing the note from any platform would not add formatting. Think: Windows Notepad--pasting content into it removes all formatting.
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