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  1. Shane in addition to the missing sort options the ability to search multiple words using the "any" or "all" option is also missing. When comparing to the windows version n to 10.0.2 for the exact search using the matching "any" i receive 173 results on the windows platform and 18 results on 10.0.2. If EN is supposed to do one thing really well its search and by eliminating this option it takes away from its strength.
  2. I do not use a Mac but happy to see you are able to see the PNG. Attached is a side by side comparison of the same document in EN 10.0 (left) and web (right). You can plainly see the difference with very small PNG icons on left (not sure you can zoom in or not) and full size illustrations on right.
  3. I just posted the same issue as well regarding the weakness of search in EN 10.0. Not having the optionality to sort searches as in previous versions takes away from its strength. Fortunately the windows and android app versions still offer this feature. EN needs to fix this as the strength of this platform is the ability to search for documents.
  4. Searching notes in EN 10.0 is much less powerful than prior versions as they is no way to sort the search as in the previous version as well as andriod and windows desktop version. To provide an example, I searched my notes which found dozens and dozens of documents dating all the way back to 2013 when I started using the service and at the top of the list were documents dating back several years which should have been towards the end of the list. The lack of the sort function really weakens the search function in my opinion. EN if your listening please add the sort feature to search.
  5. Just updated to Evernote 10.0 for IOS and PNG attachments show up as very small icons barely recognizable compared to past version of Evernote IOS and current version of Andriod where the full PNG image is visible. If you happen to see the small icon there is an option to open it but there does not appear to be a way to switch to full view similar to PDFs. Unless they are able to provide a way to see full attachment this is a deal breaker for me as most of the 8K+ notes have PNGs attached. If anyone is listening at Evernote please find a fix.
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