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  1. Have long wanted templates and today discovered they had been added. Some enhancements I'd like ( some similar to those posted above ) a) a virtual folder element on the left hand tree browser where i could see all my templates and more importantly edit them ( like the tags tree ) b) get rid of that annoying - "this note isn't synced yet so you cannot make it a template error" - please just sync the note for me !!!! c) ability to template the title and target folder/tags as well as the main body d) let me add drop down lists or combo lists to a template so i can make forms more easily e) let me publish a template to a website ( or embed in a website ) and have the submit button create a note ( maybe as a premium only feature ). I know evernote isnt a fully fledged form builder , but its so close to what i'd like that sometimes the idea of paying for another service JUST to allow me to host adhoc forms for friends / family events is frustrating. f) an android widget listing my templates by most recently used so i can quickly create notes from my android home screen ( or a button "create note from template" on the existing widget I've been an Evernote user since 2008. I currently use Evernote on my Windows 10 desktop, Android Phone and Apple iPad
  2. I believe it has to do that parsing already elsewhere a ) for the new web feature that generates a thumbnail/preview for the "larges smallest" image in a node it has to measure all images b ) for pdf files it already does the parsing for the thumbnail in the title c ) for other file types i guess just show a default file icon I guess its a question of storage - I suspect at present each node has a thumbnail attached to it , instead this would require each attachment for have a thumbnail, that does increase the storage a little , i guess you could generate it on the fly but that costs cpu cycles. maybe a compromise would be to generate on the fly and "cache" n thumbnails per note. I'm just asking that "if" evernote can display a thumbnail in a list view then please show the same thumbnail in the note view for attachments.
  3. Its great that evernote already has thumbnails in the list view of a notebook Is there anyway that I could have the same preview for attachments when i open the note ? ie see attached picture
  4. Still wishing this was a feature on a mobile device a) to bulk file scanned documents into the correct folders to bulk tag selected articles c) to merge documents into one
  5. jefito I've not seen those specific links but am intimately familiar with the concept - have been a programmer for 14 years - death by a thousand cuts is itself a double edged sword balancing a thousand minor end user irritations with a thousand tiny change requests - in this case quick and dirty is a rotate menu option, hard and probably "better" is the idea i suggested about making evernote an android content provider and using intent/activity context menus to allow third parties to provide image editing and other functionality to be added onto the app - to do that is possibly a ground up change so I'd not expect it till v4 or v5 but its nice to dream when its not me that has to code it - i think such an extensible client is an inevitable evolution of the product to foster a third party ecosystem and reduce the inhouse development costs to just a core application framework. It would also mean internal development of features could be decoupled from a monolithic build engberg if the orientation of pictures was right ( see another wishlist thread on image rotation ) then the ocr / text recognition in Evernote "might" have an easier job - but point taken, everyone thinks their personal wishlist is the most important :- ) One final thought which i accept may not get an answer and i hope does not offend - have Evernote ever considered open sourcing the clients? There are some out here that might relish implementing some of our pet wishlists. I guess the question is where do you see Evernote's core intellectual property - is it in the client or is it in the server.
  6. that would be nice except... a) if i take the picture using evernote then its not editable in android :-( if i take the picture outside the app and then rotate it on the phone in gallary so its correct orientation and then attach it to ever note then sometimes it STILL seems to import it the wrong way round ( it really does make no sense ) c) emailing it to myself via the ever-note alias does seem a little backwards, though sometimes i try that also in the end i sometimes just sigh and turn my head sideways, i may get a sore neck but its simple and works - image rotation is not a killer feature - its just a minor irritation - and its the minor irritations that tend to get remembered and moaned about...
  7. (edited as i was going off topic) yep, with my developer hat on I understand the dangers of letting users vote on what they want, am now even thinking wouldn't it be great if all images in android evernote notes had intent context menus for third party applications to hook into to provide extension activities like rotate/crop/anotate etc, or going further if the application used extensible intents to build the home screen of activities so that third parties could add hook in activities like create inked notes feature creep is an evil drug
  8. Recommend having a play with anycut, it lets you create shortcuts to activities - ( any activity including ones in evernote )
  9. Maybe there could be a new subscription level called "more-premium" that allowed access to votable feature wish list ;-)
  10. Is there a roadmap or enhancements page where paying customers can vote on the enhancements they would like in the mobile ( and desktop ) clients?
  11. +1 for me not being able to rotate images in the mobile app is a pain - i can sync it down to a desktop pc then save the image, rotate it, reimport it back to ever-note desktop, sync it back to the cloud and then sync it down to my android device - that just seems a bit like overkill when all i want is the image to be rotated on my mobile device...
  12. There are a host of capacitive stylus's out there... http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_nos ... us&x=0&y=0 ...just waiting for evernote android client to support ink notes and i can stop carrying a paper note pad
  13. Given the samsung tab and the expected flood of android tablets in Q1 2011 is ink support due soon ?
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