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  1. I wish you would actually restore broken / lost functionality rather than add stuff I wasnt aware anyone wanted.
  2. My usual fix for 10.x blank note issues of killing all the processes hit a new problem today with Evernote starting new processes in the background while i was killing others. The other (not) amusing step backwards is that the "hey this is a new release and look what's changed" box that sometimes greets me in the morning is also coming up blank. Thankfully the kill all the evernote procs fix gets rid of that blank dialog
  3. Yep and I've voted in the past ( mostly for android features ) . My belief is that people who post on the forums tend to be the more engaged and vocal customers. You only know you can vote if you have actually gone looking. My suspicion is that forum posts may not be a true reflection of the user base and that instead product management have "guessed" what regular non power users want. I think if that is what happened then they got it quite badly wrong. By pushing feature voting out to the app and general users ( who don't necessarily use the forums ) then "maybe" the results would have m
  4. The blog post seems to be confusing being able to release software quickly with releasing quality software faster. Reading between the lines one might infer that Evernote has a new CI pipeline - that's nice, it means they can make releases faster - it ALSO means they can release mistakes faster. Using customers to do what should be done by automated testing and a QA test team is a recipe for disaster. My bugs for the the windows client would include crashes a lot or refuses to start because the previous instance is a hidden zombie displaying blank pages for notes that i kn
  5. Still wishing this was a feature on a mobile device a) to bulk file scanned documents into the correct folders to bulk tag selected articles c) to merge documents into one
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