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  1. I was really pleased when the "import folders" feature was finally added back into the product, only to be frustrated that one aspect is still "coming soon". In the good old version of Evernote the original file once imported was deleted ( eg to the recycle bin ) . Sadly in the behemoth that is 10.x that feature appears unfinished. Is there a target date when the missing functionality will be completed and feature parity restored?
  2. This fix has been "coming soon" it seems since last year. Its such a useful feature for scanning that I'm amazed its still not fixed. My only guess would be the product manager doesn't have a desktop scanner.
  3. I've run into the same issue - Now i copy the text from evernote - launch notepad , paste the text in there and then copy it from there. Its an annoying work around but it works
  4. Fair comment. I was under the mistaken belief that evernote product managers would be reading the forums that evernote host. The latest "new feature" I've had the absolute pleasure to encounter today is the app found some of my backups and without asking decided to import them. ALL of them. - so now i have DUPLICATE items filling up my inbox folder - normally that has 50-200 items , but joy of joys today its got 3816 items duplicating things I've already filed. Still at least these little gems will keep me busy trying to refile items. I assume this is the product manager trying to discourage me from taking backups or horrors of horrors' being able to move my data to an alternative working product. I apologies for venting to this community. Hopefully at least on of the community members will have a mate whos sister is dating the the cousin of the neighbor of the product manager and remind him "If its not broken don't fix it"
  5. I wish you would actually restore broken / lost functionality rather than add stuff I wasnt aware anyone wanted.
  6. My usual fix for 10.x blank note issues of killing all the processes hit a new problem today with Evernote starting new processes in the background while i was killing others. The other (not) amusing step backwards is that the "hey this is a new release and look what's changed" box that sometimes greets me in the morning is also coming up blank. Thankfully the kill all the evernote procs fix gets rid of that blank dialog
  7. Yep and I've voted in the past ( mostly for android features ) . My belief is that people who post on the forums tend to be the more engaged and vocal customers. You only know you can vote if you have actually gone looking. My suspicion is that forum posts may not be a true reflection of the user base and that instead product management have "guessed" what regular non power users want. I think if that is what happened then they got it quite badly wrong. By pushing feature voting out to the app and general users ( who don't necessarily use the forums ) then "maybe" the results would have more weight in deciding the next sprint/deliverable. I also suspect that during covid people are spending more time filling in surveys because they are bored and i think Evernote could use that crowd sourced opinion
  8. The blog post seems to be confusing being able to release software quickly with releasing quality software faster. Reading between the lines one might infer that Evernote has a new CI pipeline - that's nice, it means they can make releases faster - it ALSO means they can release mistakes faster. Using customers to do what should be done by automated testing and a QA test team is a recipe for disaster. My bugs for the the windows client would include crashes a lot or refuses to start because the previous instance is a hidden zombie displaying blank pages for notes that i know had content the previous day The blog post says that the majority of customers want new features, but I doubt that a majority want bedrock core features sacrificed for those new features. I totally understand a desire to convert free users to power users by adding new features. I'd argue that only works if you make those new features premium good enough that people will pay a premium for them. As an existing premium customer I've not yet found any new features that I'd consider premium and I cannot find bedrock features such as auto importing from chosen file system folders ( desktop or 3rd party cloud drives ) If you really do want new features maybe let your paying users vote for them - engage with your customers to find out weekly what they want you to focus on. You may find the new features they want are actually old features you removed. You could even build such voting into the new app if you can find a way to stop it crashing.
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